Sunday, August 24, 2014

Prayer Service Wednesday

We are counting our blessings every day.  Today we focused on our blessings of faith, family, and friends. We spent the morning at Trinity Episcopal Church in Upperville, where Forrest and Toliver were warmly greeted by old friends and new.  It is such a lovely place filled with love, faith, and peace. 

After the service we were able to visit the outdoor chapel in the sanctuary behind the main church. It's a beautiful and peaceful space filled with wildflowers, trees, and pastoral views of our Virginia countryside. Our dear friend Shannon has organized a prayer service for Forrest there on Wednesday and we wanted to stand with Forrest in this hallowed space. 

Here are the details for Forrest's brief informal prayer service:

Trinity Episcopal Church, Upperville 
Wednesday, August 27 at 9 AM 
Officiated by by Rev. Rob Banse
Meet in Trinity Church courtyard at 9AM
The outdoor chapel is a lovely five minute walk from the church (Van available for folks who desire to ride)
Polite pooches on a leash are welcome

Thank you for coming if you can. If you can't  be there, thank you for joining in spirit and prayer.

This precious Sunday was made even more magical by time spent outdoors at brunch with the Lees. Forrest's lifelong friend, Madison, and her sister Megan always bring us love, laughter and joyful memories. 

Giving thanks today for faith, family, friends, and a wonderful Sunday at home. Only thing missing was Austin!

Wishing you all Love & Peace,


  1. Hi Forrest. Good luck on your surgery on Wednesday. I hope everything goes according to plan and that your recover is smooth and swift. I will be praying for you on Wednesday. I hope to see you again soon. From Caroline Pennington (from the A Place To Be mentor camp) :)

  2. Hi Forrest and Team 44....Sounds like a busy day for sure to do everything the doctors ask you to do and all will go as are in phenomenal condition since you took part in so many activities this summer....Hope you have lots of you tube videos of the action to keep you entertained while recuperating....
    All my and my families positive thoughts are streaming your way...I have shared your story so much they all feel as if they know you~~~Love you lots and lots, Keep the smile going, Keep Toliver and Team 44 near you...the rest of us will be thinking of you from afar.....

  3. Hi Forrest. I always keep you in my prayers, and pray for the very best for you in your upcoming surgery. Love and appreciate you and your great family!

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur Ellis

  4. Precious boy! We will be at Trinity on Wednesday, dear one. And praying alongside all your devoted Team 44 fans and friends. Praying that your surgery is swift and smooth, your surgeon's hands are sure and your folks feel the peace of God while you undergo this next exciting phase of your recovery. Keep the faith, dearest Forrest. God is with you every moment. Much love from all the Davis' crew. xoxo

  5. Wish we lived closer than 2/3 a way across the United States and we would be there. But prayer is not controlled by the miles so we will be with you ALL day too! May it all go very smoothly and well! Love you Champ!

  6. I would be at the service if I was not so far away. I will be sending you good thoughts and prayers from Arizona.

    Christie Jones

  7. While unable to be at Trinity this morning, you are, nonetheless, front and center in our hopes and prayers at this very moment and will be throughout the day...sending lots of love as well. The Shermans

  8. Forrest and Team 44. I am sending love and peace and healing power from coastal Carolina. There is blue sky lingering over the White Oak River, a gentle breeze ruffling the water, and fishing boats are heading out for the day's adventures. You are loved and supported around the world and so much positive energy is flowing your way.
    Stay strong, focus on healing and be patient during the recovery and of course keep your legendary sense of humor, which surrounds you like knight's gleaming armor, it keeps the negative energy at bay, but allows the love and support of all those around you to flow into your heart, where healing begins.

    with love and admiration
    Aunt Tricia