Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Happy Saturday

Forrest had a good day today.  He woke up with a smile on his face and his voice was much louder and clearer than the previous few days.  He walked down the hall with help from the hospital Physical Therapist, played catch with Toliver and Skyped with awesome friends Nick and Tori.  We are still on track to break out of Hopkins midday tomorrow and will do our best to keep you all updated. 
-Team 44
Thumbs up with Nick
44 trying not to smile for a pic with Tami.  He said we could only post this pic if it was small.  :)
A day late, but this is playing basketball with friend Ben on Friday.  44 is being supported by a physical therapist behind him in this pic...he's not quite steady on his own yet.

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  1. Hope you all get to break out and make it home tomorrow! We can't wait to see you soon... love you! ~ Kim