Friday, November 14, 2014

Back to Work

Someone told us early on that "recovery is not for the faint of heart". 

It's clear Forrest that, as one of your followers recently wrote to you, "You have the heart of a warrior!"

Two weeks out from your last surgery and we are already on countdown to your next .... eight weeks and four days from today.  And you are hard at work to sharpen your mind, strengthen your body, improve your voice and regain your balance.  

Pilates is both fun and challenging with Kay and Toliver on guard.

NOVA offered you a medical exemption to withdraw from your online history course, but you refuse to quit. So you and Tami double your efforts to catch up and prepare for your mid term exam.  

At PT, your pal Del has to tell you enough after you complete three more reps than he asks for!

Your friend Derek stays close to catch you if you loose your balance playing pool, but that doesn't stop you both from enjoying a seriously close match! 

Onward and upward, Champ.  Your courage, sense of humor, and your unwavering friends will carry you on wherever the road leads! 

Blessed to be on Team Forrest,


  1. You sure are a determined young man!!! If the world had even half of your work ethic and stick-to-it-tism you could lead us all on the route to improving our world...maybe a new goal???
    Congratulations on your speedy recovery and keep up the good work!!
    Team 44, you guys and gals ROCK!!!

  2. Great post! Keep it up bud, no stopping you now. You looked strong on FaceTime, see you in 10 days!

  3. Forrest it is awesome seeing you work all that equipment. You are amazing. Glad Tami can be on hand to help you with your homework. Granpa Doc would be so proud of his grandson Forrest. So is Grandmom.
    Glad Austin will be home soon. Grandmom

  4. Looking gooooodddd Forrest. You are such a stud! Keep it going!!
    So glad Austin will be up there soon.
    Love Aunt tricia

  5. Good job Forrest!!!! I am always so impressed by you and your determination. It looks like it is going to be a great Thanksgiving in the Allen household. Keep up the good work!

    Christie Jones