Monday, November 3, 2014

Update from Hopkins

Forrest is settled into his room at Hopkins after a busy day of testing and studying.  Based on the ultrasound and GI contrast radiology from this morning, the plan is still that both surgeries (mentioned in the previous blog post here: November 1st Blog ) will take place on Wednesday.  Forrest was not allowed to eat anything ALL day today and made up for it tonight by eating two dinners!  Down time between appointments and being admitted was filled with college coursework and nap time. Toliver faithfully watched over Forrest today, despite his visible concern about being back at the hospital.  He was quite reluctant to leave Forrest tonight and is anxiously awaiting morning.  Tomorrow for 44 will consist of college studying, getting some pre-surgery rest and charming the hospital staff.  He will have a PICC line put in at some point during the day and will once again be unable to eat anything to prepare for surgery.

We'll update when we can.  

As always, we are thankful for your unwavering support of Forrest.

-Team 44  

Forrest was not super thrilled about studying for his college class today, but he worked hard!

Nap time!


  1. What a smile! :) Sending tons of good wishes and love from the Shermans....

  2. Good luck tomorrow, Forrest. I'm praying that all goes well with your dual surgeries. Just know that 100's of people around the globe are praying for you to come through this surgery in flying colors!

    God Be With You!

    Wilbur and Joyce Ellis