Thursday, November 6, 2014

Update from Johns Hopkins

Hi friends.  Forrest had a relatively quiet day today.  His head bandages came off early this morning and the doctors are very pleased with how it looks.  Forrest is still weak - from a combination of residual anesthetic, pain medication and a new seizure medication.  He also has not had any nutrition for three days!  This is because of the surgery on his stomach and the new tube location, which is looking good so far.  He received Pedialyte through his new tube today and the current plan is to start with a little bit of smoothie nutrition tomorrow. 

We have only heard a few words from Forrest since surgery, but we know he is able to talk, which is a blessing!  We believe the overall weakness as well as a sore throat from being intubated during surgery are the reasons he has not made much effort to speak yet.  He has been relying on gestures, small smiles and writing to communicate.  Here is a message from him to all his incredible supporters!

Forrest saved his biggest smiles of the day for his friend Christina, who fought the Baltimore rain and traffic to brighten 44's day.  Seeing his face brighten up when she walked into the room proves that there is no better magic than friendship!

Thank you all for the wonderful messages, thoughts and prayers!  Although this week did not begin as we had hoped, we are confident in Forrest's unwavering spirit, the support of his team at Johns Hopkins and the healing love from friends and family.

- Team 44

Thanks Christina!


  1. Yea! Be home soon....hugs to all.

  2. My week was made getting to see Forrest, Rae, and Tami.
    I'm extremely impressed and delighted to see how quickly Forrest seems to be recovering from surgery.
    It was wonderful seeing you in Baltimore and I can't wait to visit you back in Virginia.

    Keep up the strong work Forrest!

  3. I'm so glad the surgery went well, Forrest. Hope you'll be headed home again real soon!

    Love and Prayers,

    Wilbur and Joyce Ellis