Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Matrix

Forrest, Rae, Toliver and I started the day early.  We went over at six to relieve Tami after her all night vigil at Forrest bedside. Toliver was excited to see Forrest. 44 was determined to catch as much sleep as possible before they took him off to preOp.
The morning was a flurry of doctors quick discussion about what's going to go on and sign authorization forms.  Since we were doing multiple procedures there was a timetable that had to be closely followed. G.I. surgeon's, central IV lines and craniofacial reconstructive surgery was all going on with multiple doctors and nurses involved.  Dr Kumar was orchestrating and had the starring role in the scalp reconstruction,  
The whole process had been turned in serious doubt from the seizure the day before.  We were determined to understand the cause before we went forward with the procedures today. Once we were finally able to determine that it was simply a medication adjustment we could proceed on.  Dr. Kumar picked the group back up realigned everyone in the process and it went smoothly on today. 
These procedures today were to prepare the scalp for the reconstructive bone grafts which will reform his cranium.  This is going to be done in two stages in the winter and spring.  The stomach tube or PEG tube which he receives a large amount of his water and medications through was giving him troubles and was approximately three years old.  It needed to be surgically revised and a new connection to put the tube through his stomach. 
Both these procedures were achieved in good order.  Forrest is resting comfortably with a little bit of IV pain medication to help him through the day.  
Toliver is very relieved to be bed side with Forrest and be back in the same room as it makes him concerned when he is separated for any length of time.  Operating rooms are one of the few places that service dogs cannot go.
So Rae and Tami are resting preparing to take back over while I am sitting bedside with the boy as he is sleeping.
We have dodged another bullet. There are some days weeks months and years we feel like we must be living in "The Matrix"movie we have been dodging so many bullets.  With a little luck we will be out of here on the weekend and back at Brightwood.
Thanks for all your support, prayers  and care.
Dad and Team 44 


  1. Happy to hear that everything went well, praying for his speeding recovery and that you can all get home soon.

  2. You are in our thoughts and prayers, Forrest, as always.This is but another bump in the road, which you will again conquer. You inspire everyone you meet, especially us!

    Lots of Love,

    Jim and Gail Wofford

  3. The Matrix is an understatement!! You have Trinity and Neo beat by miles! So sorry you all went through that, especially you Forrest. But so glad it is behind you, the surgery is over and went well, and the thumbs are up. The resiliency of each of you just never ceases to amaze. Big hugs and love from the Shermans

  4. Dear Forrest,
    You are the Bomb; the Absolute Bomb! We are all amazed by your strength and in awe of your courage. Hang in there Champ and you will be back in your man cave at Brightwood before you know it!
    Nam myoho renge kyo means to never give up, to never be defeated. That's you!!
    Love and more love,
    Mrs. S.