Thursday, November 10, 2016

Almost out of surgery

Pops stood watch most of the day. Toliver and Mum are holding vigil now. Surgery is going on 10 hours but the surgical nurse just came out to say he's doing well.  Toliver and Mum are taking turns consoling each other and will stay until Forrest is in ICU and is stable. Tami will be with 44 in ICU overnight. Thank you for the love, prayers, and messages. And most of all your continued faith in Forrest. Toliver's eyes say it all..

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  1. Love you guys and we know Forrest will come out ready to get rolling - to just keep walking - and as he told us all last week, to just do "whatever it takes to never give up because he's got stuff to do!"
    Yes you do Forrest! So we will see you soon. xoxo