Sunday, November 13, 2016

Post Op Day Three

Forrest has been fighting a fever today which, on top of his pain, has made it a long day in 4D room 17.  He and Pops watched the Redskins whip up on the Vikings which helped improve both of their spirits!  Forrest got a thrill watching his buddy Pierre Garçon catch six passes!  In the afternoon, a visit from Gio, Shayna and Yaeger made everything seem brighter and more manageable!

True friends have got to be the most powerful medicine ever!  We thank you all for your prayers, faith, messages, positive energy, FaceTime's, and Gio, Shayna and Yaeger for awesome visit too!

We are hoping and praying that the fever is just post operative inflammation and not an indication that the infection is taking a hold of Forrest's new bone grafts.  Please join us in offering a special prayer for Maria and her son Numita who suffered a stroke last July, as they battle their way out of the dark and into a brighter future. Forrest reminds us that Miracles do happen every day.

Counting our blessings and dreaming of a BrightWood homecoming,


  1. Forrest, Scott has been wearing his 44 hat and we are all sending out love and hugs and a big thumbs up to you. xoxo The Meekers

  2. DANG. I hate reading that you are still hurting buddy. And I super dislike that F word! (Fever....grrrr). Please know that we are praying both are due to post op inflammation and that today is the beginning of big improvement. We love you, brave buddy, and are dreaming with you of a return to Brightwood very soon. XO+ Shannon and the Davis clan

  3. So happy the fever broke--please keep up the updates--Forrest, I'm sure you will be Brightwood bound soon. Hold that thought! We love you.

    Jim and Gail

    + A special prayer for Numia--