Thursday, November 10, 2016

Back at Hopkins

Darlin' Forrest,

Life has been such a blessing recently that we have sort of been in denial about this next step. We knew this surgery was coming, but chose to think about it later and immerse ourselves in the beauty and grace of living each day to the fullest.  And what a month you have had... here are just a few of our blessed moments:

Performing with the amazing Same Sky cast at the Hylton Performing Arts Theatre. 
Celebrating Pops birthday shooting sporting clays with Turner!

Hiking with Toliver on a gorgeous fall day. 

Kianna's first Gold Cup race!

Bittersweet.  Watching via live streaming as Martin matriculates to CCI. What an amazing gift of love, time and patience Austin has made in raising this sweet soul to serve another.  

You have been blessed with such amazing friends through APTB. Your last Same Sky performance of this tour yesterday at Simpson Middle School. 

All of these precious moments and all of your hard work have prepared you for this day.  You have never been stronger or more optimistic about your future.  In preop you joked and laughed with the nurses who know you and Toliver so well.  Dr. Kumar explained how he and his team will take four more ribs from your right side in order to use that healthy bone to complete the reconstruction of your skull. The surgery is expected to last six or eight hours and the main concern will be in part pain management post operatively.  I hate to think of you in such pain again but I know you're tough as nails surrounded in prayer and your beloved Toliver will be at your side when you wake. These things give my mother's heart much comfort. Sweet dreams darlin'. 



  1. Forrest we are praying for you and your surgical team today! Keep the faith...He's got this!
    Love and hugs,
    The Raffertys

  2. All of the Lauterbach clan is remembering you in prayer today! You've got this!!

  3. And Grandmom Allen is remembering you too. I've talked to her a couple of times. It's just tricky for her to post the messages!