Monday, November 14, 2016

One Big Step Closer to Going Home!

Gratefully, Tami stood watch and stayed by your side all night long. Your fever was quite worrisome, resulting in intense chills and sweats. Your medical team was poised to begin blood cultures when your fever broke just before 3 am.  Tami was there to reassure you, get you out of your sweat soaked sheets, help your nurse, and keep us informed.  This day dawned bright and clear along with your shining spirit!

With your fever behind you and the pain more manageable, you keep a cheerful outlook all day long, even though you are "NPO"  (nothing to eat or drink) ALL day until they can finally get you into Interventional Radiology for the placement of your new Central IV line.  This Hickman Line will deliver the high powered antibiotics to you, just above your courageous heart, for the next six weeks.

In the late afternoon, as your gurney approaches the surgical suite where they place this line, your old pal, Dr. McCord, with his entourage in tow, comes out to enthusiastically greet you.  He and his team marvel at your beautiful cranium, your characteristic good humor and of course your gorgeous service dog, Toliver.  Dr. McCord returns your grin, tenderly placing his hand on your shoulder, and tells you that he still has your Team 44 bracelet from last year.  He keeps it on his nightstand where he sees it every day! As they wheel you into the room you can be heard joking and laughing with this team about reggae music!

Although you are safe in the hands of Dr. McCord and Team,
Toliver clearly has his doubts about leaving you!
Tollie and I are escorted by a nurse back to the public side of the department, Toliver with his handsome head down and shuffling his paws.  He's always a bit dejected when he has to turn you over to the surgeons......and admittedly, so am I.   We sit quietly in the common area with Pops waiting for the call to say the line has been successfully placed without complications.   I know this isn't a big procedure compared to all your others, but I am a bit down about it.  I sit wondering how DO you do it?  How do you keep such an upbeat cheerful outlook no matter how many times you face disappointments or new challenges?

Back in your room Toliver is delighted to have you safely back in his care.   Up on your bed for a snuggle, with his tail wagging happily, he offers you his favorite toy to play with.  The moment is precious, so I ask.  You shrug your one good shoulder and explain to me how you do it ... "I just don't think about the bad things that have happened or the surgery ahead of me".  "Mmmmmm, What do you think about when you're facing a painful or scary procedure?" I really want to know.  Smiling your crooked smile, you respond, "I think about all the happy times and the fact that I'm Alive....That's a good thing." True. So True Forrest.  You make it sound so easy.  But I know it isn't.

God Bless you, Darlin' and God Bless all your amazing doctors, surgeons, nurses, therapists, family, friends, prayer warriors, and followers who have made this crazy journey not just possible, but amazing, insightful and empowering.

With an eternally grateful heart, Forrest for your life, your wisdom and your unshakable sense of humor,



  1. Your post gave me goose bumps. How do you do it, Mamma Bear? We're all here rooting for you.
    Love from The Elgins

  2. clear every hurdle with such style. Is it too much to ask for some smooth sailing for a bit...I think I shall ask! Keep shining fella!

    1. And well done support team too...Tami, that night shift with a fever had to be tough. Good job ALL!

  3. Boy, this post was balm to my soul tonight....Forrest, you embody living in the moment with immense gratitude more keenly than anyone I've known. And boy, I am so blessed to know you and your awesome family, dearest one. I'm giving God such thanks tonight for your broken fever and diminishing pain. Please God, let this progress grow and strengthen. Middleburg needs Forrest in residence SOON. Love to you, Forrest. 💕

  4. I agree with Lynn...Tami, you are a Rock Star! God bless you! XO+

  5. Thanks for the wonderful updates. We love being able to keep up with everything and know what specifically to pray for. I am in awe of the strength and courage of the whole crew. Keep fighting to get home, Forrest. Love you and miss you.

  6. What a beautiful tribute with excellent news. The tears are rolling down my cheeks.
    As I've said before, "You ROCK, Forrest!"
    Can't wait to see your shining face!
    Hugs to all of you,

  7. The strength, courage and faith that you and your whole family have, continues to amaze me. Sending love and prayers for all of you and for a speedy recovery.
    With love,
    Mark, Betsy & Lauren Davis

  8. Nothing's going to hold you down, Forrest! It's great to see your smiling face and know that you are back on track. We are still praying for your recovery and we can't wait to see you and enjoy your humor here at the office! Keep on walking!
    Love and hugs,
    The Rafferty family

  9. Keep that fighting spirit! Keep up the good work keeping him company, Toliver, and we'll keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming on this end!
    Vicki McKernan
    CCI pr of Nessie

  10. From the very first day of your accident Forrest I've watched your courageous attitude through all of the challenges thrown your way. My son was just learning to ski and quite young at the time and it was difficult for me to explain to him what had happened. He now joins me as I read about your progress with every blog post, you are a true inspiration to my son and I personally. I marvel at your positive attitude, smile, and incredible support group every day. Have a happy Thanksgiving and hope that you make it home soon!

  11. Such a beautiful post. I think we all want to know how he does it, Mum. Thanks for asking for us. And thanks as always for sharing this journey with us. We love each of you and hold you in our hearts. love, Donna