Saturday, June 18, 2011

Housing in DC

If anyone knows of a two bedroom place to rent/borrow/trade for/etc. in northwest DC (Adams Morgan or Dupont/Logan type areas), please contact us. The Washington Hospital/National Rehab Hospital area is a couple miles north of the capitol/White House area and east of the National Zoo. Options seem to be slim around here. We are in temporary housing that is closing its doors July 1. We are thinking we might need this housing for 2 months while Forrest in in rehab here. Thanks everyone!


  1. Just caught up again with you all and Forrest's news. So glad to hear he is back up in this area, and making slow but steady progress after what sounds like a very rough month.

    Forrest, you are one tough cookie! We are pulling for you and thinking of you a lot. Keep up the good work.

    Hugs to all the Allen's-
    Ellen Mouri

  2. Thank you so much for having my sister and I to the hospital yesterday. It was great to see Forrest, and see his family so supportive and hopeful 5 months later! We are always thinking of him, and now that summer has arrived I am sure many more of his classmates will try to venture to DC to see him. I hope to visit Forrest again soon, and look forward to seeing his progress for myself!

    Forrest, I hope you enjoyed our company. Even though your expressions are limited at this point, I know you are still the same in there. Can't wait to talk to you later this summer, keep up the progress, we are all cheering for you! And as you have heard a million times, you have an incredible family that is standing by your side. It was great to finally meet Austin after all of the Skrillex stories I have heard from you, Nick, and Cris haha! Looking forward to seeing you again soon,
    Love from Pennsylvania to DC and back,
    Liza (and Sabina) Rizzo

  3. Forrest and team 44
    Sending you good wishes as you enter another phase of Forrest's recovery and try to get settled in another town.
    We would love to come for a visit when your schedule permits.
    The Selfes

  4. Thrilled to have you almost HOME!!!!

    I sent your apartment needs to a number of folks and posted on Facebook (hope that is OK). Hopefully, someone will know of a good place that is close by.

    We continue to cover your family in prayer, with extra Forrest Focus, of course. Eager to hear that that Forrest energetic new rehab team gets him limbered up and moving toward Middleburg SOON.

    There is no place like home. I'll loan our copy of the Wizard of Oz?!

    Much love to all you.

  5. I have been renting my house in Georgetown for 6 years, I'm sorry that it is currently unavailable, but I have a fabulous rental agent that specializes in short term, fully furnished rental properties in the area. I've used him and his company for 6 years and they provide wonderful, higher end rentals and have a huge array of properties. The company is called Attache Property Management and the owner's name is Tim Touchette. I highly recommend calling him, I am positive that he would have something available to suit your needs. The number is 202-361-4169. The website is

    Good luck!

  6. Forrest, I'm praying that you are doing well now in your new Phyical Therapy location there in DC. Team 44, I pray that you find a place to stay quickly, if you don't already have one. My prayers are always with you!

    Love, Wilbur and Joyce Ellis

  7. Thinking of you guys, as always! Hang tough, 44. Once you feel better from that infection nastiness and the bumpy ride from Charlottesville, these people will get you back on track!