Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update: 3:00pm on 6/22

Forrest, I've enjoyed being with you last week. As usual, we faced a variety of things but you are still giving them all your best. You have faced the challenge of being transported, which must be quite an unusual thing for you with the being strapped in safely with all sorts of new noises and people happening around you. Frankly, as I was negotiating the DC traffic on my own, loaded with all of our "stuff", I felt I wanted to be strapped in a little more safely also. I do love the GPS and I learned that Dupont Circle is not where you want to be at 4:00 in the afternoon when the traffic signals go out. But we made it and you are in a good place and the team is here with you. 

Your new therapists seem great. We are all learning about a new place but we just feel you will make some good progress here. Some of the good things that have happened over the weekend were the visits of two high school friends, Liza and Sabina and cousin Lisa and Lee stopping by. The weekend was just some relaxing time so you could be ready to go for this week.  

Don't forget Forrest, we are all cheering you on and know you are working hard.  Hang in there champ. 
Much love, 
Aunt Lynn

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  1. Here's to a great July! I know its going to be full of progress. Keep it up Forrest! We're all here, rooting for you everyday!

    - JC