Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who made housing suggestions. We have found an apartment close to the hospital and will be moving in soon. Thank you for all your help!


  1. Oh, that is great! I'm glad you found one. Hope Forrest is progressing and getting used to yet another new location!!

    God Bless You All,

    Wilbur and Joyce Ellis

  2. Grandma Norma AllenJune 23, 2011 at 1:18 AM

    So glad you found housing. Lynn had said something to that effect tonight.
    Forrest honey, I have heard from someone who saw you yesterday!! Rebekah called and told me about how tickled she was to see you. We talked for quite awhile about you and Austin. It was such a refreshing time listening to how you let her know she was beside you - and the hug!!!. Austin - she was so thrilled at how great you two boys are together.
    I know you are having to work very hard at the Rehab Hosp. I'm so proud of you Forrest. Your Dad has mentioned to me about your great "won't quit attitude". That's what is getting you back to us all. My friend Dr. Sam said at church "he Will come through it - he has the determination to"!!
    I talked to Aunt Lynn tonight. She wanted to stay there with you but she's leaving in the morning to take 28 high school kids on a mission trip, but says she's coming back to see you guys very soon. Love you great big bunches and your brother too. Grandma Norma

  3. Team 44

    Awesome news on the housing. You'd think a real estate developer could have been more help, but, alas, it was not to be. It seems none of my contacts owned anything in that part of the world.

    You guys are still top of mind. We all expect great things from your new rehab center. A new perspective is always refreshing.

    Please let us know if there is anything else needed. I know that my work brings me into town several days a week. I am happy to play courier or delivery boy along the way.


    the Selfes

  4. Hey Forrest and Allen family! I just wanted to let you know the Emory ICU nurses are still thinking of you. I'm so happy to see the progress you're making. We're sending good thoughts your way.

    (the punky redhead in 2D ICU)