Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update:12:30pm on 6/16

On the road again...and working our way back closer to home.  Forrest is being transported by a medical ambulance to the National Rehab Hospital in Washington, DC as I write this; Austin and I aren't far behind in the vehicles.  Forrest seemed ready this morning as we explained the next great step on the journey.  He has such a good attitude and sure is trying each day to respond more and more to our requests.  It is nice to see he is feeling better too!!  Recouping from pneumonia is something that makes us all happy.  The new rehab place will get to work again on loosening muscles in his arms, legs, and practicing swallowing, and vocalizing.  We look forward to reporting his progress and meeting our next friends along the way.

And speaking of that, many of the staff at UVA remembered Forrest from his first stay in the trauma unit right after the accident.  A therapist I met even said she requested his case again when she heard he was coming back and many other Drs. and nurses from the past stopped by.  What an encouragement to us all to see how proud they are of Forrest and team 44 for keeping their eyes on a goal up ahead.

And speaking of friends, we know we are going to be closer to so many of you (Austin and I mapquested the distance from Middleburg to NRH--1 hours and 15 minutes!!  But not during traffic, I'm sure!)  Getting nearer to friends is some of the best therapy ever!  Give us some time to settle in and get our bearings in this new place and we will work out times for some visits.

In the meantime, we still read blog comments, Facebook, and mail to Forrest remind him how much everyone is cheering him on.   Keep them coming!
Aunt Lynn and Team 44

P.S.  I just must brag on the comments I hear from the staff regarding the superb care by one very famous brother and a dedicated Mom and Dad.


  1. It is indeed a good day for Team 44! 'So glad to hear that you're getting closer to home. Today is our 44th wedding anniversary so we are toasting everything 44 today. Cheers to all of you!

  2. Everyone at Maryland Therapeutic Riding sends you love! Welcome to NRH, an excellent rehabilitation center! Your journey is incredibly inspiring, Forrest! Keep up the good work! You are a miracle man!
    David, Naomi and MTR

  3. Glad you made it! Good things ahead in DC... thinking about all of you.

  4. I hope Team 44 can all take a moment and step back to realize how far you have come on this journey. Each day is one step closer to home. Not just physically, but spiritually and health wise. It wasn't to long ago that Rae was reading "The Secret" and Forrest was in the throws of infection and more. Now he is fist bumping, hanging with friends and ready for the next step in his journey. No wonder he is tired - so much is happening, so fast!

    -Abby Laughlin

  5. Hi Guys,

    I'm glad you have another move behind you and are hopefully getting settled in at the D.C. NRH and an apartment for the Team. What a journey you all have had! It's truly amazing, thinking back over all of it. I'm sure hoping for great things to happen there in DC.

    Love and Prayers for all of you!

    Wilbur and Joyce Ellis

  6. Very uplifting to hear that you are now closer to those who can share this journey with you physically. I do hope many of your friends can visit to cheer you up once the schedule is set for visits - that will be one of the best "medicines" for you right now.

    Austin and Rae - you keep rising in hero status. As I work at DQB this summer I am remembering the time shared with both of you last year. We are all, Crew and dolphins, looking forward to seeing you back.

    Stay strong - I know the journey has been long and difficult, but my prayers are stronger than ever that you will all see a miraculous recovery in Forrest.

    Take care,