Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update: 10:00pm on 8/17 SURGERY

Hey Forrest, its your Mum. Its been a busy week at WHC. We've had such great visitors this week. Even though most of your friends are busy getting ready to blast off to college, many of them have carved out time to come visit with you. And more are adding their personal video messages sharing favorite memories and words of encouragement on your group face book site. They bring such enthusiasm and positive energy into your world. These individual gifts of time & love have already had a major impact on your recovery & have re-energized your team when we need it most! Today you were able to sit up in a wheelchair for 1.5 hrs & then your therapists helped you get up on your size 12 feet. Austin monitored your heart rate & blood pressure & I supported your head. It was exhausting for you, but you gave it your all and it was so exciting to see you stretching up to your full height once again.

Its been a long long haul, but you can do this Forrest. You are young, strong, resilient. As your Uncle John says, you are a warrior. You never quit. Your brother Austin is by your side, ever your champion, your protector, your greatest ally. You are surrounded by love, a palpable white light of positive energy, a community overflowing with prayer and envisioning your return. We will come home soon Forrest... joyful, healthy, happy, and whole.

This Friday at 7:30 AM, Forrest will undergo his fifth and hopefully last surgery. One of the country's finest neurosurgical teams is going to implant a new prosthetic skull flap and a number of temporary drains, which along with his shunt, will create a healthy safe environment in which his brain can thrive. He is as strong as he has been in a long while and he is buoyed up by the powerful energy of his great friends & his whole community. Please join his family in prayer and send your most positive healing energy his way Friday morning and through the week-end as he fights to regain his life and his future. We will update this blog Friday afternoon after surgery.

Blessed to be Forrest & Austin's Mum,


Forrest sitting up

Robyn and Sundance

Marcial and Forrest

Peter catching up with Forrest

Matt and Chris

Caitlin and Cassie, showing Corina's video to Forrest


Bailey and Camille


  1. Hi Forrest!

    I'm so happy to get a new blog, and ALL those pictures! You really have had a LOT of visitors! I'm so happy for you! And, good ole Sundance came to see you, too, not to be left out. Good luck on your surgery tomorrow. I'll be praying for you while you are in there. God Bless All of You!


    Joyce Ellis

  2. Wow has been a party there. Good. Great in fact. Well done friends! Just think of all the celebrations ahead once this next step is over. You know we are keeping you in our prayers each day and that is powerful stuff. Our whole church is joining in also. They feel like they know you. That is so great you stood upright today with those great helpers. I know everyone was so proud of you. Remember you are the champ so keep it up. We love you.

  3. Not only is your family the most loving, supportive bunch, but they are working so hard to get you the very best care there is, and have found the very best docs to get you back on track. We love you all and miss you all, and know Friday's surgery will be the start of your road back home to MIddleburg and to health.
    Can't wait for Sundance and Sajen to have a play date in your yard, as you and Caroline laugh at their antics.
    We are so proud of your hard work and spirit, and look forward to hearing the surgeries are behind you.

    Carina, Dean, Kaki, Caroline, Christina




  5. All my thoughts and energy will be directed at you, Forrest, and all your family Friday morning.
    I'm not sure I'll get much work done until I see the blog update. We're all pulling for you!

    Pat, Ted, and Packard

  6. Forrest, what a fan club!!! I'm impressed by all the sweet, caring friends that are surrounding you with love and pulling for you! We are praying for a successful surgery tomorrow and for all the positive momentum you need to bring you back home! God Bless you and your family!

    The Rafferty Family

  7. A healthy safe environment in which his brain can thrive...those are beautiful words and we are praying and hopeful for exactly that! We think of you all the time, but will be with you in spirit especially so tomorrow morning and the hours following. Sending lots of love, hoping to add to your white light of positive energy, and praying for the very best, The Shermans

  8. Blessed Forrest and precious Allen / Stone family,

    Staring tonight, our family will be covering Forrest - and all of you - in prayer in preparation for tomorrow's surgery. We share your hopeful hearts and we fervently pray that tomorrow's surgery is indeed Forrest's last trip into the operating room.

    Father God, I pray that your loving presence, which I confidently know follows Forrest into the OR tomorrow, gives Forrest and his devoted parents, Kent and Rae, and beloved brother Austin, calm reassurance that You are with Forrest - and all of them - during Forrest's surgery tomorrow morning.

    I pray that you carefully guide the hands of Forrest's surgical team and that their bright minds and steady hands can manage any intricate detail of the procedure - expected or unexpected.

    I pray that you swiftly remove any and all anxiety that may arise in Rae, Kent or Austin as they wait for word of a successful outcome.

    I fervently pray for a completely successful outcome for Forrest.

    I pray that the peace that passes our human understanding, descends on the surgical team and the Austin / Stone family.

    I pray that all who are involved in tomorrow's surgery are touched by this peace.

    Father God, protect this battle worn family. Restore their faith and energy. Heal their son.


    With love and continuous prayer,
    Shannon, Jim, Meg, Kara and Charlotte

  9. My prayers are still with you all. Great seeing Forrest with his friends (including Sundance!).

  10. Thoughts and prayers are being lifted continually, but especially tonight and tomorrow on Forrest's behalf. Team 44...every last one of your are awesome! I will be anxiously awaiting the great news...that prayers have been answered and that Forrest is well on his way to regaining his life and his future. Sending positive healing energy his way Friday morning,through the week-end and as long as it takes! May God bless you all, Tina

  11. Dear Forrest, Rae, Kent & Austin,
    I too am in prayer this morning for Forrest as he goes back into surgery. I pray for peace for each of you and for Forrest a successful surgery and a wonderful recovery. This situation is so difficult to understand, but I trust God is still in control and working in the midst of this difficult time. Your continued love and care for Forrest and each other is inspiring. I lift each of you up in prayer this morning and am excited to see how God answers.

    Bless you,

  12. Dear Forrest,

    I am also praying for you, the surgeons and all of Team 44. It has been a very long journey, with many turns that are hard to understand. We are counting on this being your last surgery and the best successful outcome. As your Mum said, you are so strong and surrounded with love...we will claim victory. Love and Hugs, Viki Plowman and family.