Saturday, August 13, 2011

Update: 10:45am on 8/13

From Austin-
Forrest has had an OK week. He is turning his head more often and laughing at a few movies! He's still not speaking or moving his extremities purposefully, but the implanted shunt seems to be working so we are expecting improvements in the next few weeks. It is likely he will have the cranioplasty to put on his "lid" either Friday or the following Friday. Forrest is also able to sit up at higher angles in the bed, that has greatly improved over the last week. He even sat up for 12 minutes on the side of the bed with help yesterday!!

We've had a lot of great visitors this week! Thank you so much to those who were able to come, and we're looking forward to more uplifting visitors! Maddy Sacripanti and Corina Benitz did a terrific job writing the blog today, thank you!

From Maddy and Corina-

On Thursday we visited Forrest, Austin and Mum. It was great to see everyone. We arrived to Forrest and company watching Jackass. Forrest had just received a dose of meds so he was pretty sleepy. Once he woke up we read him posts from the Facebook group and showed him Nick's great video which he responded very well to. For those of you who haven't- if you get the chance, please post! It really helps Forrest and reminds him of what he's fighting to get back to. After reading to him we watched some more Jackass and were lucky enough to see him smile and laugh! It was great to see that the old Forrest is still with us! After goodbyes we were back off to Middleburg.

It was great seeing Forrest and how much progress he is making; however, we feel that the dedication of the blog today should go to the Allens that we don't hear about as often. Rae, Kent and Austin have done such a wonderful job. They constantly have smiles on their faces and have stayed so strong for Forrest throughout his journey. Their dedication to getting Forrest well and home is a tribute to their incredible love and devotion. Watching the Allens run through the daily routines such as turning Forrest in bed and making sure things are running smoothly with the nurses, is incredible. This amazing family has morphed to Forrest's schedule and functions so well! No one would have expected that this would be their daily life style before the accident and yet every day they get up looking forward to the next step. For the Allens, its never about 'what if'. This family lives in the present and is constantly looking ahead to Forrest's bright future.

To the Allen the family- we are all here behind you! Keep your spirits high and we promise that Forrest will make a fantastic recovery!
We are here for you 44/7!

All our love, Maddy and Corina

Rebekah visiting Forrest

Maddy and Corina with Forrest

Maddi and Forrest watching videos

Mike and Georgia showing pictures

We had to say goodbye to Whitney and her terrific help


  1. What a great blog! So happy to see that things are going so well. Enjoy those movies, Forrest! And, it is so wonderful how your friends keep coming to see you every chance they get. Take care and keep up the good work!!

    Prayers coming your way, as always.

    Joyce Ellis

  2. Cindy Reynolds/UVAAugust 16, 2011 at 11:26 AM

    I am so glad to read that Forrest is making progress!