Friday, August 19, 2011

Update: 11:00pm on 8/19

Forrest is in ICU, sleeping quietly. I'm watching him tonight, and I must say, he's quite a trooper. Dad accompanied him to CT a few hours ago and said he was alert and looking around. He has some sleep meds on board now so he's sleeping soundly. He hasn't needed any pain medication so far, though once the anesthesia fully wears off overnight he will likely need some relief in the AM. Forrest and I are holding down the fort tonight till mama bear gets here in the early morning. Thanks for all the prayers and positive energy. The coming weeks and months will hopefully prove today to be the turning point we've been looking for.

Austin and Team 44


  1. This is very good news and hopefully is the stepping stone to recovery. We are all pulling for Forrest and Team 44. Every one is watching the blog and following the progress. As much as we can we send positive energy your way. Give Forrest a hug for us and let him know the entire west coast team is pulling for him!!

    Go Forrest!!

    Gary and Bj

  2. So glad to hear things are going well and he even looked around...that sounds encouraging for that to happen so soon. Keep it up birthday present for me ever! Thanks Champ.

  3. Team 44

    What a long, but hopefully awesome day.

    We are all thinking positive thoughts and holding you in our prayers. We all believe that this is the beginning of the next phase of recovery.

    Forrest is in great hands tonight.


    The Selfes

  4. Thanks for the latest update, Austin. Hope you and Forrest have a calm night, and that he wakes up happy in the morning. You and your family have done such a wonderful job of being right there with him, through thick and thin. You inspire all of us!

    God Bless You All,

    Joyce Ellis

  5. Granma Norma AllenAugust 20, 2011 at 1:47 AM

    Forrest, I know this is a day you've been hoping for & here it is! You're all back together again.:) Bless your heart. It's so nice having Mom, Dad and that awesome brother Austin with you. Glad you and Dad went together and got your CT Scan. I've had calls from many friends that follow your progress daily asking how the day went. And Aunt Bev called too so glad you did so well. Susan is back down at Harding Univ. in AK so she was going to call her too. I saw a picture. You look wonderful. You are so brave and a great inspiration to me. Love you Forrest and your team 44, Thanks Austin for your vigil through the night. Love, Granma Norma

  6. Forrest, Rae, Kent & Austin You are ALL in our thoughts and prayers - What a TEAM you are! :-) Sending BIG hugs all 'round. I will echo Granma Norma's: Bless your heart, you are all back together again Forrest - Rest up and allow all of the love and positive energy surrounding you do it's restorative work - Much love
    Karla, Ed, Adela, Edward & Alexandra

  7. Thank you for the update Austin - there aren't words to describe how very fortunate Forrest is to have you for a brother! And to have his entire Team 44. And to have had his surgical team yesterday - seems like it all went very well - what wonderful news. With confident expectation that its success will lead to many more successes in the days and weeks ahead we are sending lots of love your way, The Shermans

  8. Hi Forrest, Just wanted to let you know that my niece in Sylvia, Ks. is keeping you in her prayers, too. Her name is Cindy Harlow, daughter-n-law of my sister, Bev Harlow, who also prays for you constantly. Cindy had brain surgery Jun 2nd, so she knows a little about what you are going through. She had a benign golf ball sized tumor removed from the back of her brain, & she is doing very well. In fact, she's already back into her teaching job now. So, keep on fighting, Forrest. We all have Lots and Lots of faith that you can do it!!


    Joyce and Wilbur