Monday, August 22, 2011

Update: 11:45am on 8/22

Forrest Stone Allen is still in ICU but seems to be making progress. He was assessed today by his neurosurgeon and both of the head drains were pulled and the surgery sites were examined and the bandage changed. Everyone was pleased except for 44 who thought drain removal was not as much fun as advertised.

His blood count was a little low yesterday and so he received a blood transfusion. Hopefully this won’t be a problem and will be watched closely over the next few days. The plan will be to move out of ICU soon and he may be in the intermediate floor and able to take visitors as early as Tuesday. Certainly his great group of visitors have buoyed his and Team 44’s spirits this last week. Dr. Armonda, our neurosurgeon stressed to us that in the next 4 to 12 weeks triggering memories by associating friends with memories will be very important to his next step in the recovery process. He stated that he has seen this before in his young military TBI patients.

We hope to be back to NRH in a week or so and let him get started on his rehab. We will have to continue to watch his prosthesis and ventricular fluid drainage equilibration but that was the plan from the beginning of this surgery schedule. So far, so good.

Mom is working so hard at keeping track of everything and I tried to give her a little break this weekend. Austin is the perfect brother and took two all night shifts this weekend. He organizes things for Forrest and set up the Netflix on the IPad, so Forrest and I could watch Spy Kids all the way through. These two continue to be the heart of Forrest’s support team. I am happy to come in on the weekends and support these two and spend precious moments with Forrest.

A journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step. Forrest has taken that step and we hope we can help him go forward and frankly we could use a break here. We certainly have all the medical talent and all the prayers and good wishes and all the try of Forrest and Team 44. So upward and onward.

Dad and Team 44

Forrest listens to Dad's voice Sunday night


  1. Hey Buddy!
    Im so glad to see how well you are doing. You are such a fighter and stong guy. I love keeping up with the blog and I have faith it will be you writting it soon! :) As soon as you are able to have visitors again Im there! I love you so much and cant wait to be singing on the streets with you again.


  2. Thank you for this wonderful update and photo - so glorious to see that beautifully round and gorgeous head again - even visible through bandages.

    We will continue to pray that Forrest's counts indeed go up and down in all the places that they are supposed to in the coming days.

    I cannot think of anyone that deserves a break more than Forrest and all of you. I pray that this is indeed the turning point and that you have crested this arduous hill.

    And getting young people back home to visit? We have a zillion air miles. Let us know if we can contribute these to bringing some of Forrest's special pals back for a weekend visit during the key time period you referenced.

    I keep a quote journal and came across one that leapt off the page and reminded me of one of Rae's recent comments about a special tree that Forrest shared with her one moonlit night.

    "When we long for a life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure".
    -Peter Marshall

    Kent, you all have endured a lifetime of contrary winds and pressure in the past 7 months.

    Forrest - and all of you - have planted and grown a literal forest of oaks strewn with diamonds.

    I pray that gentle breezes and successful days now replace the hard road you've traveled.

    In awe of your faithfulness,
    Shannon and Jim

  3. Thanks for the new update Kent. So glad to hear things are going well, and praying they continue to do so! There are many prayers coming from the Bolivar Church of Christ. I really feel that this IS a turning point, and Team 44 and Forrest will make the very most of it.


    Joyce Ellis

  4. Dear Forrest, Rae, Kent, Austin and all of the others who are working so hard--Tom and I are in Spain,have been without internet for three weeks, but are logged back on, following your journey on the blog again, and send you all of our love. We think of you so often, and hope that this recent surgery is exactly what you have been hoping for. Your immeasureable commitment, and your continuing journal about this experience, shared with the wide world, have inspired and changed us all. Thank you-- we carry all of you in our hearts every day. Ann and Tom Northrup

  5. Have been checking for another update and thought I would let you know that each time I come back to this page, I am struck by the fact that your looking at your dad in this picture, Forrest, seems remarkably different than your focus in the other recent shots.... that is wonderful to see! Hoping for continued improvement and some length in the strides forward - you and your Team deserve that so very much. Holding you close and sending love, Lisa and the Sherman Family