Saturday, August 20, 2011

Update: 8:45pm on 8/20

Forrest had a good day,
He's still drowsy and he's sleeping a lot. But resting is healing so it's a good thing. Right now he and I are watching "X-men First Class" in 10min segments because he keeps getting tired, haha. He's still in ICU and is expected to be in ICU till Monday. His neurosurgery team saw him this morning and are pleased with the CT's and how he is clinically. Keep him in your thoughts, he's hanging in there.

Austin and Team 44


  1. Ausint, Forrest is certainly in our prayers as are you and the rest of Team 44. You are such an amazing team! We are praying for continued healing for Forrest and we know he has the strength and determination to keep up the fight!

    With much love,
    The Rafferty Family

  2. Our prayers continue!

    No worries about that....and watching a movie? Even in segments means Forrest is not in a great deal of pain or that they are managing it well. Yahoo!

    LOVE hearing that the CT scans are showing good results and that Forrest is, too.

    This is awesome, awesome news.

    You are an amazing brother. Would that any of us be lucky enough to have a sibling like you in a time of great need. You've really risen to the call, Austin, and it's a humbling thing to witness. So many jewels in your crown at such a young age.

    Love to your stunningly strong and devoted parents and your good self.

    I'm feeling grateful this Sunday for this good news. :)

    Shannon and the Davis Family

  3. We are keeping you in our prayers always and are glad for positive news. Small steps are fine and may you continue to move forward.... slowly and surely! Love, Mark, Betsy & Lauren Davis

  4. Forrest and Team 44 continues to b our thoughts and prayers!

  5. Thanks for the update Austin! You are such an amazing brother. I was thinking about how much dedication you have had to your brother and I am just so inspired by you.

    Forrest, we are praying for you and hope you are resting well and gaining strength. You are such a brave young man and you inspire us each day.

    Love to all!
    Kelly, Brad, Ava and Chase

  6. Love the updates... thinking about you guys! May each day be even better than the next.

  7. Hoping and praying that the news just keeps getting better and better... Such a testimony for Team 44's dedication and the skill of the surgeons. I truly believe this could not have been possible if Forrest had not been born to such an amazing family. Hugs, Viki Plowman and Family