Friday, August 19, 2011

Update: 12:30pm on 8/19

Forrest is out of surgery! He's extubated(meaning the breathing tube for surgery has been taken out). He's with the best Mom ever in recovery right now, and should be moved up to ICU shortly. The neurosurgery team says they think it went well! We will update again later tonight. Thanks for all the support, thoughts, and prayers, they paid off!!

Love from Team 44,


  1. Wonderful update! Thanks!!

    God is Good!

    Joyce Ellis

  2. Hooray!!!! So glad to hear the good news. We'll be anxiously awaiting another update! We've been praying for Forrest and thinking of all of you all morning.

    Love, The Rafferty Family

  3. Best wishes to all and a double 'High 5' for Forrest!

    The DeSantis Family

  4. Glad to hear it - love you guys!
    L & L

  5. Glad to hear everything went well. You are all in our thoughts - you guys, especially Forrest are AMAZING!
    The Heslops

  6. Thanks all!! He's in ICU now, resting quietly right now as I speak. I'm sure he has quite the headache, but he's being a trooper. The nurses and docs are great, we're all keeping a close eye on him. He's going to have a CT scan tonight to make sure the surgery went well.

  7. YAHOO!!!! I hope you're able to rest a little better tonight knowing that the surgery is behind Forrest, though I know you worry about pain. Prayers that it is perfectly managed for your brother.

    And that you all are able to get some rest. A little more each day as Forrest moves away from this surgical day.

    We are keeping up our stream of prayers for rapid healing, little swelling and NO infection.

    Love to all of you,
    Shannon et al. XO

  8. As we've focused extra positive healing energy on Forrest for the past 24 hours, the word that keeps solidly affirming itself in my mind is TRANSFORMATION. We all want this procedure tol be an upward turning point for Forrest so he can progress through his transformation to perfect health and wholeness. Let this be the last surgery and the last stay in an ICU - ever! We wish you all some peaceful slumber tonight and a joyous new beginning tomorrow.

    Diane & Jay