Monday, December 16, 2013

24 Hours Post-Op 12/16/13

Forrest has made it through the hardest part... recovery from the anesthesia and the first 24 hours post operative, without any seizures! Forrest said it hurt "a whole bunch" last night but now he can smile and says the pain is "tolerable". The surgeon decided there were still multiple areas in danger of breaking down and elected to perform a much more extensive surgery than he had anticipated doing. He excised Forrest's entire cranioplasty scar from ear-to-ear creating a new union and hopefully a lasting closure of Forrest's scalp. He was able to examine most of Forrest's titanium lid and saw no obvious signs of infection.  There's still a lot of drainage from the surgical site which is collected into a drainage bag attached to his newest "turban". 

He's been passing the long hours in ICU napping or reading encouraging comments from friends on Facebook and the blog, along with visits from wonderful nurses who have cared for him during his many hospitalizations at WHC. The night was made complete when Austin and Toliver arrived, literally lighting up the faces of nurses and techs as they marched through ICU and into your tiny room.  The joy and healing energy bubbled out of the room as the three boys gleefully embraced one another! 

With a grateful heart
Goodnight and God Bless,


  1. So glad to see everyone there helping Forrest to recover fast. Sorry there was some big time pain. But it sound like they really got things fixed up...prayers continue for your healing. Missing all of you! And Toliver is quite the guy...the two of you are quite the pair!

  2. With all the smiles and tail wags going on in that little room, the positive energy has to speed healing.....keep up the good work boys!!! Lve, Sharon

  3. Forrest you are the "Miracle Man" We hope this surgery is the last. Hang in there. With love, kisses, thoughts and prayers for you, your family, and Tolliver.

    Jim and Gail

  4. Forrest, we are all praying for a spectacular and speedy recovery from this surgery. Sending belated birthday wishes your way and wishing you a wonderful 21st year and hope that all of your wishes come true. You are such a resilient, brave young man and a positive influence for all of us. You desire all the best and that is what we are praying for!
    Love and hugs!
    The Rafferty Family

  5. Hi Forrest - It's Grandma Norma here. I'm so glad to see all you four and Tolivar together..Glad your Dad and Austin made it in. So sorry about the bad pain. My nIew cleaning friend is here and I brought her in here and explained to her what is going on . She is so amazed about your almost three year journey and how you have such a great smile ! Her first comment was I will be praying for him. You will probably have a new group at her church of prayer warriors ! She couldn't believe that January 14th will be three years. I love you and your family and you have so many wonderful friends. See you, Grandma Norma

  6. Sending you all our best wishes to you and your family, Forrest. Hope everything heals swiftly and smoothly and you can blow that popsicle stand and get home for the holidays. x Nadia & Havilland Hasselbring in Bermuda