Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Searching for a new Team Forrest Member! 12/18/13

As we approach the third anniversary of Forrest's injury we have many blessings to be grateful for. One of the most significant has been our incredible Medical Team nurses. They've been instrumental in helping Forrest through many challenging medical conditions and we will miss them dearly. But it is our expectation that Forrest will be strong enough in the very near future that he will no longer need 24/7 nursing care. This is a tremendous milestone for Forrest, but he is not quite ready to be entirely on his own yet either.  Therefore, we are looking for a new Team Forrest member.  Tami will continue to work with Forrest primarily on school week days and to help him with his homework assignments. Forrest would like to find a guy pal to hang out evenings, maybe play chess or cards, and stay over five nights a week.  The Man Cave could in essence become the BrightWood dorm. Forrest doesn't need a lot of help overnight but it's important to have someone nearby, like a roommate!  From Austin's perspective, for a responsible college student or young adult, this could be a cool way to earn some money while you chill with Forrest or sleep! So we're looking once again to Forrest's wide circle of friends and followers to put out the word and help us find a terrific,  caring, and kind weeknight roommate for Forrest!  Please send interested inquiries to me at for more details. 

Forrest is in good spirits today, playing a chess game with Toliver & Kaki and anticipating the possibility of going home from the hospital tomorrow! 

Thanks for your help,
Forrest, Austin, Kent & Rae

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  1. Hi Forrest. It looks like you're enjoying your chess game. My, what a wicked grin that is! So glad to hear you may get to go home tomorrow, and I hope you do find a good roommate to keep you company in the man cave!

    Love, Joyce Ellis