Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Out of ICU: 12/17/13

We're out of ICU! Forrest is holding steadfast and strong. He did great in PT and OT today at the hospital, and Tolliver and visits from friends were great for his spirits. 

No signs of the plate being infected, but there is still too much drainage post surgery to go home. We are hoping to be discharged and head home to Middleburg on Thursday. 



  1. Dear Forest,
    My name is Jeb. I'm a CCI puppy in training in Denver. My puppy raiser, Marianne, wrote the book that our friend Regina gave you at Team Training. Sadly, I'm not in the book despite my superior writing skills. Ah, well. At any rate, I've been following your blog and just wanted to tell you and Tolliver HELLO and WOOF. Hang in there and I hope you get to go home this week. Your fan, Jeb (aka Jebenezer, Jebbity and Knock it off)

    1. WOOF WOOF right back from the two of us!

  2. Hey Forrest,

    Tolliver is looking a bit bored. i'm sure he is ready to get back to the man cave with you. On the other hand, Austin's smile is almost as sparkling as yours!! Tell Jeb Hi from us. He sounds like a cool dude!

    We love you guys,

    Jim and Gail

  3. Way to heal...told you positive energy speeds up healing...keep on getting better!!! All those hugs and licks are definitely part of the prescription plan! Sharon