Monday, December 2, 2013

Miracle Reflections 12/2/13

Darlin Forrest, 
We have lost count of exactly how many times you been hospitalized since your injury in January 2011. But this time on our drive home we were able to joke together that "like airplane flights, any hospital visit you can walk away from is a good one!" You were clearly exhausted from neurological exams every two hours around-the-clock during the five days you were hospitalized, but with a couple of good nights sleep at home and a wonderful gathering of your friends on Saturday night, you were back in action again.  Yesterday and again today you practiced with Tom and Toliver for the upcoming Christmas recital this Friday at A Place to Be Music Therapy. Last year, you were still unable to talk but we were looking forward to your Carol of the Bells performance at the 2012 recital, which you missed due to another unscheduled hospitalization. We are not going to let it happen again this year (knock on wood)! We hope your friends and followers will join us at the APTB Christmas recital in Middleburg this Friday at 6:15 PM or 7:45 PM to celebrate our many collective blessings. Below is a picture of your wonderful friends preparing for an animated homecoming billiards tournament last Saturday. 

With some trepidation, we looked back at our UTube video of your practice for last year's recital for the Carol of the Bells:

Your determination practicing the bells last year was heartbreakingly courageous while your practice just yesterday singing with Tom brings tears of joy to my eyes. 

The Miracle of finding your voice began with Tom on Decemer 12th last
year. Together you and Tom have made our dreams come true.  We will give thanks again at the recital on December 6 as we celebrate the miraculous power of love, faith, and music! 
Sweet dreams in your Man Cave tonight,

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  1. You sound wonderful, Forrest! Nothing stops you! Toliver looks so proud of you, as he should be! Break a leg on Friday!
    Fraley Coles