Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pre- Op birthday hug 12/15/13

Good morning birthday hug from the Bro! 
Forrest slept reasonably well considering hospital schedules. We are Reading Forrest messages from Facebook and waiting on preop bloodwork and doctors.
No firm schedule for surgery yet. Thank you all for your love prayers and messages.


  1. So glad Austin made it for #21...not the "funnest "place to spend the big day but take every good point and make it the biggest...Happy #21!!! Get out of that place may be a sweet suite but it's not the man-cave which is so much more fun and relaxing!!!!! Love you lots....get home soon...extra hug for Austin and give Toliver and extra treat for charming everyone...Sharon

  2. Forrest, How absolutely fantastic that Tolliver gets to come to the hospital and help with your pt. I can just see you someday driving down the road, in your Lamborghini, or some other cool car, with Tolliver hanging his head out the window enjoying the breeze!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you ALWAYS, but especially now.
    With much love, Jim and Gail

  3. Happy Birthday, Forest! I'm glad that Austin can be there for this milestone and to celebrate properly once you're home. We're sorry that you're back in the hospital once again. We hope it's the LAST of the last!
    We're thinking if all of you and hope you are warm and snug despite the cold outside. Hugs to all and pats to Tolliver.
    Diane & Jay

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FORREST!!! Glad to see the day started with a bro hug. Tell Austin hey for me. I hope your day has been filled with love, laughter and friends.Looks like Toliver is helping to keep the place from being too boring. Just wanted to say have a great day! Blessings and love from Nurse Karen and family

  5. Praying for you Forrest. I'm glad the surgery is over now and you can go to CTU for further recuperation (I had a senior moment just now and had to look that word up just to make sure it existed! Ha!) Happy Healing! Joyce Ellis