Friday, November 29, 2013

Home again by Forrest Allen 11/29/13

Thanks for all the good wishes and messages. I'm back home from the hospital tonight.   In the first picture below I just finished physical therapy and I'm about to bust out of the hospital.  In the next picture is me and my brother Austin FaceTiming  From the Man Cave. It feels great to finally be home!  Your friend, Forrest Stone Allen


  1. Forrest, You show the rest of the world that miracles exist !!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy for your return home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Forrest....Never has a man-cave been blessed by a more miraculous guy....your determination, hard work and the phenomenal team are unbelievable!!! Continue your hard work and follow all the directions and you'll be back to school very soon...I'm so glad you allowed me to be a part of your team for a year....Love, Sharon Benson

  3. Forrest,
    It's great to hear you are back home. What a blessing to see that beautiful smile. I love it when you write the blog. Keep up the great work. Have a fantastic day!! Blessings and love, Nurse Karen