Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Forrest rallies...again! 11-27-2013

Forrest is truly a superstar!  He has rallied from a scary yesterday with seizures and minimal responses to today with smiles and chatting with us and the nurses. He is still not quite back to his pre - surgery baseline but he is getting there.

As we moved this afternoon from ICU to the step down Intermediate care unit, Forrest walked a tray of cookies to the break area of each ward and offered it to the staff, thanking them for their help.  

We give Thanks tonite to our core Team Forrest group who once again is shifting thru the day covering treatment plans, discussions with doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and all the details of being a patient's advocate and caregiver.  We also thank the dedicated staff of Nurses and Docs at WHC and the daytime and nighttime nurses here and at home from The Medical Team who watch over him and keep him safe.  We especially want to thank his friends and family members who pray for his recovery, post comments, visit, FaceTime and generally keep his spirits up.

So we come to Thanksgiving 2013 with plenty to be thankful for.  We are almost 3 years into this ordeal and would have preferred to have him be a Junior in college worrying about grades and girls.  That wasn't in the cards this year but hopefully it will be in the future.  

Remember the main reason for creating and maintaining this blog is to provide Forrest with a record of what he went through, battling back from a horrific injury and unimaginable complications.  So if you want him to know you read this and cared about him when he is able to go back and read the story of his journey, get on the record, post something and think of it as a time capsule that he is going to look back at. Thanks to all of you for helping us thru another rough patch and thanks most of all to Forrest and Austin for making all we do worthwhile.

Happy Thanksgiving,


  1. WOW! I'm so glad to hear this good news and see your big smile again, Forrest! You had all of us worried for a while there. Hang in there and keep fighting. All of us out here are pulling for you, not to mention all the prayers going up for you, your family and team.


    Joyce Ellis

  2. Hi Forrest...You are a rock my man!!! Amazing what you can accomplish in 24 hours!!! Superman has nothing on your skills!!! Keep up the strong work, follow all the directions carefully, and you'll be out of there in no time....
    love Sharon

  3. Hey Forrest :) I was one of your nurses at WHC about 2 years ago and I've been following your blog ever since. You amaze me, and this thanksgiving I'm thankful for remind me why I do what I do, and your courage and support system are so inspiring. You're the most amazing miracle I've ever witnessed....happy holidays buddy :)

    Nicole Allen

  4. WOW....You look GREAT and love that smile. I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow. You are a true blessing to many and have so many things to be thankful for. Keep up the good work, you are one tuff guy!

    Barbara Hill- Missouri

  5. Praying for your continued recovery.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Team 44! Thinking of you all and so pleased to read the good news of today's blog! Proud of you Forrest!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Forrest! So thankful to see that smile back on your face and to know you have your voice back, once again! Thoughts and prayers continue for you and your team.

    Annie- one of your proud speech therapists

  8. What a wonderful smile you have Forrest, our prayers continue for you. Keep that positive attitude. You have blessed so many people. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Mary W.
    Loveland CO, Chruch of Christ

  9. Forrest, Your mom has suggested that some of us who have been interested in your journey take time to let you know we are out here. So that is what I want to do. I am a friend of your grandmother, Norma. For the past ( almost) three years since your accident, I, along with several of her church friends have been praying for your recovery. Each time you would have a crisis, Norma would faithfully ask for us to pray for you. We have been so happy with each step you have taken toward a full recovery. How great that you were able to share this Thanksgiving holiday with so many of your fan club!
    Bolivar, MO, Church of Christ