Thursday, November 14, 2013

Adventures of Forrest and Toliver

Toliver reassures Forrest while waiting for his recheck at Johns Hopkins.  Dr Rigamonti pronounced Forrest's progress "incredible!"

Toliver and Forrest go to Dr Gallegos to have a dental check up (Forrest not Toliver!) 

Forrest introduces Toliver to Mr. and Mrs. Bowers at Hill School's Lions Pride Reception.

We are truly blessed every day by Toliver's joyful companionship!

-Team 44

1 comment:

  1. Hey Forrest! What a great dog, companion, friend, teacher- you now have at your side. It must feel great to have that presence by your side. Dogs are amazing aren't they? They are stoic, humble, protective, fun, silly, joyful, intuitive and give great face licks!

    So glad that Toliver is in your life now. Remember he brings joy to every soul that you pass. Now both of you will light up any room that you walk into
    love Aunt Tricia