Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! 11/28/13

Dear Family, Friends, and extended Members of Team Forrest, 

We are so blessed by the love, encouragement, support, and companionship that you bring to
our lives. I looked back to read the Thanksgiving entries from 2011 and 2012 tonight. And though Forrest is in the hospital again on this Thanksgiving, we are ourselves amazed and thrilled by his progress. We never could've come this far without your help. 

We were blessed again today by many special virtual and in person visitors to Forrest's tiny room 32 on 2E. And if it looks like he never got out of bed in these pictures it's because he didn't. He was too busy receiving his visitors and there wouldn't have been enough room for him to stand up anyway! The highlight of the morning was an enthusiastic and celebratory visit by Dr. Armonda and the neurosurgical team. This amazing and talented group has helped Forrest triumph through some seemingly impossible challenges. To watch them joke and laugh with Forrest today was pure magic.

 Next the Weeden clan arrived bearing Thanksgiving goodies and boundless holiday cheer. Stories of middle school escapades and more laughter bounced off the walls. 

Next Tami and Kent arrived with an entire Thanksgiving feast from Whole Foods. I'm not sure how it even fit in the room. Fortunately Tori artived to help us with the feast and continue the celebrations. And Austin shared the feast in spirit via FT from work in Hawaii (don't tell his boss!) 

Forrest and I had planned last week to deliver Thanksgiving goodies to children and their families at NRH on Thanksgiving... So instead I walked a box of cookies over and lo and behold two of Forrest's favorite nurses followed me back to visit with Forrest! All of the months they took care of Forrest at NRH, they never heard his voice. So tonight he got to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving! 

And Pops and Forrest topped off what must be the best hospital version of Thanksgiving Day ever, watching football & The Big Bang Theory.  

Thanks to everyone who shared their love, called, sent messages, posted on his blog & FB,  texted & shared FaceTime!  We wish you all a most blessed holiday season. 

Tell me have you ever seen so many joyful thumbs up?

With love and gratitude,


  1. We are thankful you have shared the upbeat, positive day you have had....we celebrate that also! Thumbs up indeed!

  2. I'm so thrilled to see tonight's blog. It looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving day, and you sure needed it after what you've all been through this week. I LOVE the teddy bear with his head bandages!!! Toliver better watch out when you get home Forrest, or he'll be bandaged, too! You are all just so much like family in my mind that it just amazes me at times. I just had a text from your Grandma Norma alerting me to this latest blog. I had checked for one earlier today and had just gotten back home. Thanks for the wonderful news!!


    Joyce Ellis

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I am so glad to see you have turned the corner and are on the mend. There have been tough times I have gone through the last couple of years and at times I have thought of you and what you have overcome and it inspires me. I know you have been through some very scary and frustrating times and with each struggle the joy, love, and triumph that comes out of it is amazing. One day this will all be behind you and you will have moved on with your life.

    Christie Jones

  4. Forrest,
    It is so great to see you are doing so much better. I have been praying for you since I heard of your hospitalization. How blessed you are to have such wonderful family and friends to come and share Thanksgiving with you. How blessed we all are to have you in our lives. You continue to be such a source of inspiration to all. I miss you dearly. I am glad you have a great group of nurses caring for you. I hope you will be released fron the hospital soon. Blessings to you and your family, with love Nurse Karen and family

  5. These photos are wonderful! With each scroll of the mouse, my grin got bigger. Great job Team Forrest! Hope to hear you are headed home soon!