Sunday, November 10, 2013

Toliver Joins Team 44 11/8/13

Our family and Forrest's journey have been blessed again.

 It was such a thrill to share the last two weeks at CCI training camp with Forrest. This was the longest time Forrest has been away from home in three years, that wasn't in a hospital! The days were jammed full of fascinating lectures, intense training sessions, and challenging practice sessions. The first time Forrest got to work with Toliver was late in the second day. Forrest's commands were muffled and monotone. Toliver melted onto the floor and refused to budge. Somehow the clairvoyant and talented CCI instructors saw something connect between the two of them. They told me later that Toliver is such a smart sensitive dog... he thrives on lots of enthusiasm and encouragement. They knew Forrest's story and saw in Forrest his potential and determination to succeed. 10 days later, Forrest was able to motivate and encourage Toliver through a complex series of behaviors and a challenging  obstacle course, off leash using only verbal commands! Their performance took my breath away.  And thus their incredible relationship.. based on clear communication, trust, and respect was forged. There is still much for them to learn about each other and about life together, but theirs is already a magical, heart warming friendship. 

And speaking of magic, wait until you hear the story of their match from Toliver's CCI puppy raiser....stay tuned. 

With love and gratitude for our fellow graduates and all of the incredible people and dogs that make up the CCI family.  



  1. Now that is two handsome boys!! What a wonderful story. Can't wait to meet him also! Keep working Forrest...this story is getting better and better and you continue to shine like a STAR you are!

  2. WOW! How great ! What a super team ! Except for color your Canine Companion looks like your dog Sundance. I heard the left corner of front lawn has now been fenced and Sundance & Tolivar already love playing there together when Tolivar is not at work by your side. Take care Forrest -- -- So proud of you.

  3. Forrest

    Congratulations on your success working with Toliver. He will be a great addition to Team 44.!
    We can't wait to meet him.


    The Selfes

  4. What a wonderful surprise it was to stumble upon you as we left the pet store yesterday! Toliver is amazing, and Forrest you make my heart sing! Packard was thrilled to see all of you! A family outing with the new addition -- so cool! Even Theo seemed to understand the significance of the event. He's usually extremely exuberant and not very well behaved when he meets new dogs. Somehow he knew that Toliver was working and behaved like a proper gentleman. I hope you enjoyed "Thor" need to write a review for us, Forrest!

  5. What a wonderful adventure for both of you! I can envision you two hiking through the woods on your own very soon Great news!
    Diane and Jay

  6. What a wonderful addition to the family. Can't wait to meet the new guy. A partnership like that is an amazing thing to behold.
    there will be many stories to tell as this connection becomes even powerful over time
    Aunt Tricia