Sunday, November 24, 2013

Toliver and Forrest 11/24/13

Already Toliver and Forrest are becoming fast friends. Tuesday at the CCI reception Forrest stood in front of the crowd at the Middleburg Community Center with Toliver by his side and thanked CCI for his new best friend. He shared a Toliver story with the audience about not wanting to get up for school in the morning, which is an understandable struggle, and how Toliver made the effort all worthwhile by quickly responding to Forrest's request to pick up his socks for him!   Already Toliver is giving Forrest more confidence and we are thrilled to see Forrest's preinjury enthusiasm for life returning.

Caroline has been Forrest's friend since pony club.  This week they got to introduce their new CCI Pals Shelly and Toliver to each other. We are busy now planning their puppies play dates! 

Forrest takes Toliver to his well dog check up at Middleburg Veterinary Hospital where he passes with flying colors of course!

Toliver and Forrest attended their first OCH hunt breakfast together this week-end . It literally took our breath away to see Forrest so relaxed and comfortable in the midst of so many people. The enthusiastic reception Forrest & Toliver received was beyond heartwarming. The only thing missing was big brother Austin!

With love and gratitude,
Mum & Pops


  1. Grandmom Allen and Ron and I are enjoying reading about the cool outings and I can only imagine the reception that Forrest and now Toliver are receiving. Happy to hear it! Thanks for sharing the news.

  2. Well, I finally read everything new on the Blog. I had gotten way behind. Forrest, you are looking wonderful in your pictures! I see that you aren't having to wear the belt around you at the present time--that you're able to keep your balance on your own. I love the fact that you and Caroline both got new CCI dogs. How wonderful! All the pictures are fabulous! I am SO very proud of you and all the progress you have made! It is SO WONDERFUL seeing you walking on your own, showing that big smile of yours again like you did before your accident. I still keep you in my prayers every day, and I know that God has been with you all the way of this long, long trip.

    Love You,

    Joyce Ellis in Missouri

  3. You're looking so amazing Forrest!!! So incredible to see how far you've come!!! Such an answered prayer!!:)