Saturday, March 12, 2011

Update: 1:00am on 3/12

Forrest had a decent day. He kept his food down, which is great because the spaghetti and meatballs he had for dinner wasn't half bad. He walked around alot, his balance is getting pretty good. The focus continues to be on the upcoming surgery, scheduled for Monday morning. Forrest correctly answered what day it was and what day his surgery is scheduled, though later he forgot, but lets focus on the improvements! This continues to be a long road, some days are going to show greater improvements than others, but the general trend is upward, and we can work with that. "Stay the course" is the motto I've adopted through this journey, from "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson (which Forrest and I love watching together).

During dinner he had quite a few great, appropriate laughs when we were all talking. Forrest was trying to come up with a word that started with a "p" and he couldn't think of the word so we started offering more and more ridiculous words like "pugnacious" and "persnickety" and he laughed harder and harder. It was a beautiful and heart warming sound.

Big Bro


  1. Such Great News! Debra just read the blog to us and we're doing the Happy Dance again! Go Team Forrest!

    It was a crazy day at Dolphin Quest yesterday after the tsunami. We heard stories of people being evacuated from their hotels and either staying up all night, or sleeping in their cars with their kids. We're just so grateful that all the peeps and dolphins are A-OK in Hawaii.

    And, we are grateful to hear of Forrest's continued and amazing progress. Laughter is the best medicine of all!

    We're enjoying some out-of-cage time right now as all those pesky cats are outside doing who-knows-what. We're looking forward to the weekend at our vacation home, although we miss Brightwood and we miss all of our flock. Keep up the great work and we'll be seeing you before you know it.

    Good luck with the lid!

    Jack and Carmen

  2. Hi Team Forrest-We can't wait for 'the lid' to be put on--I'm sure it will be another huge step toward recovery. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you Monday--
    With love,
    Jim and Gail

  3. You are a real blessing for each other!

    Glad Forrest was able to keep his food down today.

  4. We just love this blog! Jim and I were in the car riding to a game and I read about a week's worth to him out loud. We really enjoy the different "voices" in which you write. I identify with Mama Rae, and love the humor in Austin's (while plotting to adopt him), and Jim is drawn to Kent's fatherly confidence and drive.

    What a loving history of family love that you are creating with this blog. When Forrest's recovery is behind you, maybe you'll print out all that you have written and create a book.

    We will cover Forrest in prayer tomorrow. I pray that the hands of his surgeons are guided toward a perfect outcome. I pray that their minds are focused and sharp, and that the surgery is smooth, uneventful and quick. I pray that each of you does not feel undue anxiety while Forrest is undergoing the procedure and that you rest in the peaceful knowledge that God is protecting him and right there beside in your stead. Amen.

    We send you lots of love.

    Shannon and Jim

  5. We will be sending prayers and positive thoughts on Monday morning! I know Forrest will come through with shining colors, as he has been doing all along!! So happy it will happen soon! Fondly, The Davises

  6. Greetings Team 44,
    Best of luck tomorrow for a quick and sucessful surgery! Iattended your Dad's seminar this weekend and thought it was a huge success. Every one really worked together to make it a really fabulous learning experience. Jean Marie was amazing as always. thanks for letting us borrow your dad for the last day. It just would be weird to not have his great sense of humor and big smile at the meeting. Take care tomorrow and we all pray that your doctors have true wisdom and Godspeed.
    Paula Horne

  7. Sending you all lots of love and prayers for a perfect outcome tomorrow! Hope your new hat is comfy and handsome. You all are so amazing... We continue to be astonished by your strength and love as a family.
    David and Naomi P