Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update: 10:30pm on 3/1

Pictures to go with this mornings update:

"Confidence... Confidence..." t-shirts designed by 44's good friend Caroline Elgin

Forrest presents Dr. Kailin with Birthday plaque

Thankfully Forrest is able to reassemble Dr. Kailin's brain model!

Forrest + Austin with their Godfather David O'Connor


  1. Loved the pictures...that Forrest sure is a handsome young man. You're handsome too, Austin,
    :-) and you certainly deserve the Best Brother of All Time award a million times over. So excited about all of Forrest's amazing progress and other recent developments...Sundance becoming a Therapy Dog is an incredible accomplishment and one that will help Forrest immensely, I'm sure. Sad that y'all will gone for a while longer, but I know that Forrest is exactly where he needs to be for the time being. I continue to be amazed at the progress, the tenacity, the strength, the faith and the love that you all demonstrate daily. Thank you so much for keeping us informed daily. Reading this blog is an important part of my morning routine, but unlike someone else...must get that cup of coffee first ;-)

    Jack and Carmen are doing well and send their love. Carmen's personality is developing and she is trying SO hard to talk. Maybe I'll teach her to say "Welcome Home Forrest!" because I know it won't be long before he's back at the farm.

    You all are "touching hearts and minds" every day!

    With continued thoughts and prayers,

    Dolphin Quest - VA

  2. It's so wonderful to see these pictures...especially when you look back at the first few posts of this blog! It is quite an amazing feat to see what Forrest has accomplished in 6 weeks. You inspire us all! Keep it up!
    Love from Michele Hobson