Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update: 11:00pm on 3/10

Forrest got a surgery reprieve today, he got to do a full day of physical, speech and occupational therapy instead. He was a busy boy walking from one appointment to another after his wheelchair got parked. He wanted out of it so bad, now every once a while he misses it when he gets tired. He was very tired at the end of the day but ate well and had no G.I. Setbacks today, yeah! The Shepherd team did an amazing job of making sure his new prosthetic partial cranium will be be here and able to be implanted under his skin on Monday! So that is the new surgery date.

He went thru everything with his typical attitude and kindness. He and I went to help him get his L-1 fracture radiographed. He was great and insisted on going back and thanking the radiology techs for a job well done, as you can imagine he is very popular here at Shepherd.

Austin was very careful today since he felt like he was getting a cold. Note the mask and gloves. Good biosecurity, Dad approved! Austin is also volunteering at the Georgia Aquarium so he is staying very busy on all fronts and continuing to be superbro.

Dad came back into Atlanta yesterday to help out. My super team back at VEI is hosting our annual ISELP meeting this weekend with our good friend Professor Jean-Marie Denoix and 75 veterinarians from around the world, proving once again they are the best team ever!!! I will show up toward the end but Lisa and Christy, Susan Johns and crew have done all of the work.

Mom and Dad met with multiple Docs at Shepherd today discussing medications, progress, plans for outpatient transfer and the surgery. One of the most interesting discussions was the amazing physical progress he has made but still how far he has to go cognitively. The term as you approach Rancho 6 for what he does on occasion is "fantastic confabulations." It means that sometimes his injured but still healing brain can come up with some amazing stories on what happened to him and what is going on around him. We will pass some on some of them in the future. So progress is being made, the Docs are optimistic but as the Grateful Dead reminded us in their song, "what a long strange trip it's been." it's a long way from over and it may get stranger but we are going to see it to the end and he is going to be great!

Dad and Team Forrest

Quote of the day. "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a Butterfly."
Ancient Proverb

Bros back together, Austin getting over being sick

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  1. Glad the GI issues have abated a bit.

    This is all great news -- including the approaching of Rancho Level 6!