Monday, March 28, 2011

Update: 12:30pm on 3/28

First, thank you to so many family and friends who have reached out to us again, sharing our concern, and lifting up prayers on Forrest's behalf -- we can't thank you enough. We want to catch you up on what's been happening over the past few days: Forrest remains in ICU for more tests. He is having another CT scan as I write and they have done more EEGs. They will place a nasal gastric feeding tube in today to help with some nutritional needs since he has eaten very little since Friday morning and has lost weight again. The tremors continue and they are trying to get to the bottom of that issue. Dr. K, his former doctor at Shepherd, came by to assess things and it was great to see him back on the case and helping out. He said indeed this is a hurdle Forrest is making his way over right now, but he is young and strong. The brain sometimes has a tough time readjusting and finding its balance after putting a skull back into place so decisions are being made on how to remedy the increased pressures and fluid. With the determination we know Forrest has, and all the support around him, the Dr. feels this is a hurdle that can be conquered also.

Now, what can you do? Again, the continued messages of hope and prayers are key. But I have a special message for Forrest's high school friends right now. He CAN hear us and is aware of what is happening. He isn't able to respond as much to us right now except for a few thumbs up and hand squeezes, so we need for high school friends to send messages of hope and good cheer to encourage him by one or more of the following ways:  post a message on the blog (we read these to him), post a message on the Friends of Forrest Facebook page (again, we read it to him), or contribute to the VoiceThread (where he can hear your voice) that Aunt Lynn is making for him. To participate, email a picture of yourself (preferably with Forrest at some memorable time) to me ( I will send you back the directions for the next step. High school friends, he especially needs to hear from your right now so please do one, two, or all three of the methods above to connect with him!!

We look forward to summer, being back on the farm, reuniting with family and friends and building new memories. We will tell stories of how everyone joined together to make down a long and winding path back home. But we will make it. And we are looking ahead to that goal. There is such power and strength in love and that is holding us all together now. Thank you friends and family.

It has been my honor to be here by your side, Forrest. You and your family are an inspiration to me. I am leaving today, but my prayers continue always....  Aunt Lynn

Mum reassuring Forrest between tests... telling him tales of diving adventures yet to come.


  1. I am not a high school buddy, but I know who some are and have contacted them! I hope that you will hear from them soon.

    Thank you for this reassuring update.

    Please let Rae, Kent and Austing know that our prayers for Fantastic Forrest continue.

    p.s. you are pretty fantastic Aunty, btw. :) XO

  2. I agree with Shannon. What a wonderful aunt you are!!

    Forrest, I'm praying for you and want you to know how I'm looking forward to meeting you this summer when you're home on the farm. I'm looking forward to cooking something special for you. Love and blessings to you all, Kathy (Robyn's mom)

  3. C'mon Forrest!!! You are so brave, so strong and so awesome...push through! There are hundreds of people pulling for you, lifting you with prayers and wraping you in love. We all need you to come back to the 'Burg soon!

    Anne Marstiller

  4. Was getting ready to post along with the many many others who responded to the last message and was relieved to read this note. Thank you. Glad to hear the doc from Shepherd's thoughts. Glad too that he can hear and is responsive, even if not fully so. Hoping this is nothing more than an adjustment to the new skull and a forced chance to get some needed rest. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you - sending love and wishes for comfort and peace to each of you. The Shermans

  5. Thanks Aunt Lynn! I hope to meet you someday! And to up big guy as I know you will come out fast! XO

  6. Forrest!!

    I miss you, and am thinking about you constantly. It's incredible how many people you have rooting for you, and it's all because you've always made such a great impact on each and every person you meet. I know you'll continue to go above and beyond doctors expectations, and clear the toughest of hurdles. I cannot wait to see you this summer, if not sooner!


  7. Forrest!! Stay strong!! This is just a rough patch that we all know you can pull through!! Words cannot describe how incredible you have done through all of this!! Keep fighting, you can do it!!

    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your wonderful family!!

    Sending warm wishes,
    Veronica Feigel xoxo

  8. forrest after seeing you i put together a care package and its on the way :) i love you so much and know that this will be nothing, your doctors will figure it out and you will be better then ever. cant wait to see you again. sending love to the whole family. please keep us update on the blog, like i said when i was down there i am a blog stalker and love to have updates

  9. Hi Forrest,

    We have been watching your journey this whole time and we have just been so amazed by your progress.

    As you are in the ICU now we are saying extra prays and we know that God is with you and loves you so much. We love you too and we are praying for strength for you and your family! Also, we pray that you won't be in too much pain and that you will feel better very soon.

    We have many friends who are praying for you too. Also, others who look at the blog and are inspired so much by what an amazing young man you are!

    We are sending you a big hug over this blog!

    God bless you and your family!
    Cousin Kelly, Brad, Ava and Chase

  10. Forrest,
    Stay strong buddy, you know that you can overcome this and we all know it too. Someday we'll be hiking the highlands bowl again and shredding pow, then finishing our day with a 2 hour hot tub. Everybody is cheering for you and talking about how great it will be once you're all better. Praying for you Forrest

    Cris Stanton

  11. Forrest-

    All the students and staff here at Mercersburg who know you are hoping for the best and looking forward to your speedy recovery. We miss you here and want to see you strong and well again soon. Keep pressing on! Keep your eyes on the mail too, we are sending something this week!

    Coach McGuire

  12. Forrest, Rae, Austin, and Kent
    With prayers for a "quick step over this hurdle" , Kim and I are with you in spirit each step of the journey. Here's to a grand summer at home on the farm with Forrest leading the way!

  13. Forrest,

    whats up buddy, you are looking like you are making some awesome progress. keep it up everyone in proud of you and your hard work. good to see you up and walking around and getting outside to school my mom in lax.
    your a stud


  14. Dear Forrest,
    We love you and your amazing family. We haven't even met you yet but we have been pulling for you all along. We are praying for you every day and have a whole bunch of people at MTR and elsewhere who are sending you powerful energy, love and prayers!
    The Parrys

  15. Hi my wonderful grandson Forrest :o)!! At church yesterday they did a special prayer for you and I must have gotten fifty hugs, with people saying, "I'm praying". Hugs were because of you :) so I'm sending them your way.

    I saw the neat picture of you and Sundance playing out back - he was just a puppy then. I remember sitting on the back steps and you got Sundance to pose with you for a couple of cute pictures. I'm looking forward to doing that again when you all get back home to the farm and I get to come and visit.

    You, Austin, your Mom and Dad are in my thoughts and prayers EVERY moment of the day. Get that much needed rest. It really cures. You're such a strong,handsome young man and I love you so much. Grandma Norma ( :)

    p.s. - I loved the picture of you teaching Aunt Lynn the ins and outs of the Lacrosse game. You sure make a lot of people who know you really happy Forrest.

  16. Forrest,
    We are all sorry to hear of this setback-it has been so exciting to follow your blog everyday and see how you are doing.I know you are fighting hard and we are praying for you-so many prayers have already been answered.

    We want to come see you (and hopefully bring Grandmom) when you are feeling up to it. We hope this hurdle is quickly and successfully overcome and you can soon go back to outdoor freetime and Panera dinners:)! We all love you and so admire your drive and determination!!

    With all the love and prayers of friends and family and your good fortune to have your Dad, Mom, and Austin as your team leaders we have such optimism for the future!

    Love, Aunt Bev, Uncle Frank, John and Susan

  17. Forrest...

    We haven't forgotten about you out here in California, we're still praying every day and thinking of you often. You've made great progress, so keep working to get over this hurdle as well. You are blessed to have your Dad, Mom, Austin, and rotating others to take such good care of you. Go easy on them!

    Troy, Jessica, and Camden Lauterbach

  18. Hey forrest,
    We know how tenacious you are, so please keep up the fight. Understanding how tough this must be, always remember how loved you are by your family, friends, and community! We are flying down to see you on sunday (if the storms cooperate), but in the meantime, i'm sending austin a pic of all of our hunt country offspring at last Thanksgiving's dinner table to post on your blog. (apparently only the blog editor can upload pics - who knew?) Now to find the pic of you and stan shooting last year! Much love, susan, stan, steffi, and allie

  19. Hi Forrest,

    Your cousin Troy checking in again. The trials and tribulations (whatever those are :) you are dealing with now will only prove to make you and your families faith stronger when the positive outcome is achieved. While it may be difficult to see the Forrest through the trees (yes, pun intended) right now, let those of us looking in from the outside remind you that your progress, even given your current challenges, is amazing. Remember, you are running a marathon right now, your goals should be incremental and attainable. Before you know it you will be crossing the finish line.

    We continue to pray for you and the rest of the family each day. Hang in there.

    We love you,

    Troy, Jessica and Camden

  20. Hey Forrest

    We all know you are going to pull through this, hate to see you have had a setback but I know you'll be back at it soon. Get better so you can come visit all of us up at Mercersburg.


  21. Hang in there Forrest, everyone at Mercersburg is talking about you, and wishing you well. I hope you get this message and know that we think and pray for you all the time. We miss you more and more everyday as graduation approaches. I hope you can make it here to be with us when we all graduate. You were a defining part of our class, and you always will be! So sorry to hear that you had a set back, but we all know you can do it!
    Stay strong, Forrest!! xoxo
    Liza Rizzo

  22. Just want you to know we're still praying and we send you much love.

    Shannon et al. XO

  23. The journey just got a bit longer but I have full confidence that this remarkable young man and his amazing family and doctors will find a way to get him back on track. We are all still here praying and believing in the power of the team. Take care
    Paula Horne

  24. Forrest,
    I'm so sorry you have had this set back....but I know you and your family will pull through will love and faith. It seems that through pain and suffering comes peace and understanding.... I don't understand why this happens, except I think it makes us stronger in so many ways. I hope that all of the prayers and love that are being sent to you and all of your family will help you through this "rough moment". Sending many prayers and love to all of you. Fondly, Betsy, Mark & Lauren Davis