Monday, March 14, 2011

Update: 2:30pm on 3/14

Forrest is out of surgery and recovering from the anesthetic, 42 screws and 9 titanium plates later. The cranioplasty, putting in the prosthetic skull piece, according to the Neurosurgeon, went off “perfectly,” so that is great news! Mom is keeping watch while he sleeps off the anesthetic. After a short period in ICU, he is back in his room at Shepherd. Forrest will be glad to get rid of his uncomfortable helmet. Thanks for all the support, we don’t reach major milestones every day, but this is indeed one of those days!!

Austin and Mom

Forrest back in his room with a complete skull!


  1. Hooray! This is great news! Forrest looks so peaceful in the photo while he rests. I am very happy to hear that he has now retired his helmet too! :-) Thanks for the update on his surgery. Love you, Forrest!

  2. Amazing! Thanks so much for the update - we have been thinking of all of you all morning! It's wonderful to hear that all went well! What a milestone indeed! Give Forrest a great big hug from us!
    The Rafferty Family

  3. I am so glad to see that Forrest came through this surgery so successfully. His physical recovery sounds amazing, and the staff is certainly reassuring about his cognitive flights of fancy. I like your description of "fantastic confabulations!" We continue to recieve contributions in Forrest's honor at UVA - this means so much to us. Thank you, and continued best wishes and prayers for complete recovery.

  4. Hey Forrest...

    You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. I'm so proud of the courage your have shown throughout the entirety of this process. It has truly been an inspiration and daily reality check for those of us looking in from the outside.

    RE: Memory. A few posts back you shared a touching story about your current struggle to remember things. Hang in there, that will all come back in the meantime feel free to leverage this newly found talent to play plenty of jokes on those around you. Being from the same gene pool (Grandpa Doc's gene pool), I know you have an innate ability to pull this off. :-)

    Continue to heal and we'll continue to pray.

    Love you,

    Troy, Jessica and Camden

  5. We have been thinking of all of you! We are thrilled the surgery was successful and that you have leaped through another milestone.

    Fraley Coles

  6. Team 44
    We rejoice with you! It is such great news that Forrest will no longer have to wear his helmet and even better news that his healing brain will be protected all of the time,
    This will be one of many great milestones for Forrest.
    The Selfes

  7. SO exiciting!! :) Thrilled that Forrest's noggin is now complete, can't wait to see more photos! Sending much love- we think about Team 44 all the time!!
    Adela and Matt

  8. So very happy...what a huge step and enormous relief to have that behind all of you - and on top of Forrest!! Hoping he has a chance to really rest for a bit after this and not feel too much immediate pressure upon waking to keep making great strides. All he's been through in 8 weeks is exhausting to think about, let alone live - our vote is for a little respite and regrouping before the next push ahead. Here's to some relaxing time (even if brief) for all of Team 44! Sending love and good wishes, The Shermans

  9. Sooooo happy to hear this wonderful news! We have been praying for you all day. God is Good!
    The Parrys

  10. So glad the surgery went well and that Forrest has his head screwed on right, now! I've known some other teens that could have benefitted from the same procedure. Okay, I know this not a joking matter but sometimes you've gotta laugh so you don't cry... What a huge relief to have this hurdle behind us. We love to read of Forest 's recovery progess each day. Bravo for the Team!
    Diane & Jay

  11. My heart feels full just reading these posts. Forrest, you are so incredibly strong. We are all thrilled to know that you have met the challenge, yet again!

    To the Team - you are awesome!

    So happy to know that the surgery went "perfectly". I agree with the Shermans - time for a breather, you have all been pushing towards the summit so diligently, give yourselves permission to just "kick back" for a bit.

    Our prayers continue to be directed your way!


  12. We are so happy to hear your excellent news and what a relief you must all feel to have this behind you! Much love for all of Team 44,The <nettere family.

  13. Dear Forrest & Team Forrest
    Great news that the surgery went so well! We hope that you are all resting comfortably now and that you can take things easy for the next few days. Many thanks for your wonderfully informative updates.
    Love & Prayers to All,
    Maggie, Christina & Antonio

  14. Congratulations on a successful surgery! Forrest looks great, and this is a real milestone to reach. Our thoughts are always with you.

    Hunt,Sue, Christian