Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update: 11:45pm on 3/30

Update - 1:00am: We wanted to let everyone know that Forrest will be going back into surgery tomorrow to have the new portion of his skull removed. The doctors think this is the best option right now and feel this is the appropriate course of action. We'll update with additional news when we have more details. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers. 

A special thanks to all of Forrest’s friends who have written notes of encouragement on the blog… keep them coming!

Forrest has continued to have troubles over the weekend and has become much weaker.  After he endured many tests, including a spinal tap last night, it was agreed upon by the docs at Piedmont and the family that we needed “a fresh set of eyes on this complicated case”. We moved Forrest yesterday afternoon by ambulance from Piedmont Hospital to Emory University Hospital.

We immediately had a team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, and neurointensivists all in the room with Forrest. They examined Forrest and reviewed all the images and agreed upon the best approach. They sedated him and drilled a hole in the top of the resin skull and drained a large pocket of fluid from in front of the brain. He will remain in neurointensive care while they continue to monitor him. The CT scan taken immediately after removal of the fluid was encouraging. Now we will have to wait and see if this stops the pain and tremors.

It's been heartbreaking watching Forrest decline so fast these last days , but Rae & Kent feel that we are finally in the right place. We will update you as we know more… but that may take a few days.  Also…no cell reception in Emory….no phone, text or email on our phones…so bear with us if you don’t hear from us as often.

We’ve had a saying in our family… started by our mother when we were children, “Sisters, sisters”…which morphed into “Who’s gonna love you like your sister?” Rae and I have said this to each other for years and years…. usually followed by giggles and laughter. I have to admit, in these last weeks, sometimes followed by tears. We have all, in our extended family… Stones and Allens, found an even closer bond than we knew we had. I referred to Aunt Lynn ( Kent’s sister) today as my sister-in-law once removed.  She loved it…and we’ve coined a new term!

Forrest has lots of guardian angels watching over him…friends and family. Good night, sweet Forrest…your brother Austin is watching over you in person… but all of us are watching over you in spirit.
Love,  Aunt Lobie and Team 44

Forrest gets a ride to a new location.

Always supported by a rotating cast of "Team Forrest"


  1. We're cheering for you from Reston, Forrest and thinking about you every day. Hang in there and keep getting better - can't wait to see you in a few weeks!
    Lee & Lisa

  2. I so want to be there with you to support you, Forrest, and the family. I hope you can feel the love from all of us across the miles. Both of your folks families are rooting you on together and that means A LOT of love from coast to coast. Hang in there Champ. Prayers.

    Aunt Lynn

  3. Dear Forrest,

    We are continuing to envision you as a fully-recovered, active, energetic young man who shares easy laughter, peaceful moments, and vigorous play with your family, friends, and animal companions. We know that it has been an incredibly difficult past few days and we have ached with you and all your family. We believe that all of that is in the past now and that your path forward leads to complete good health and greater inner wisdom.

    You are all in our constant thoughts and prayers.

    Diane (from afar) and Jay (in person)

  4. I've been tossing and turning tonight, unable to sleep because I just felt like you needed us all more right now. Just like the night of the prayer service, in my mind I see you lifted up in love and light.. And again, we wait, we hope and we pray. Love you, friend.

  5. Hi Forrest,

    I'm up in the night feeding baby chase and praying for you!! You are so strong and you are truly a hero to us!!! Hang in there and may Jesus heal you! We love you so much Forrest!!

    Cousin Kelly and family.

  6. Dear Team 44,

    Thank you so much for the updates. I agree with the person that said that it is up to us...Forrest's provide love, hope, prayers and encouragement to YOU all as you move towards Forrest's complete healing. Blog or no blog, updates or no updates. The important thing is to take care of each other which I KNOW you are doing and to take care of yourselves, which I pray you are doing.

    I had God-bumps (aka goose-bumps) yesterday as I encountered a friend while walking in Mburg who told me the story of her brother who, after a very similar TBI, is now completely healed. I KNOW Forrest is on his way back. I believe in Miracles and we have already seen so many of them with Forrest.

    I also wanted to say thanks to Forrest's friends for coming through with posts here and on FB. My friend from yesterday said that the docs emphasized the HUGE importance of PICTURES when recovering from a TBI, so PLEASE Forrest's Fans & Friends...keep 'em coming!

    Sending you love, prayers, healing energy, good vibrations & excitations! You all have touched my heart and mind and have endlessly inspired me.

    God Bless~


    p.s. I also wanted to say that the number of followers on this blog in no way represents the HUGE number of actual followers. I personally have at LEAST thirty people that ask me on a regular basis about Forrest and Family. When I ask if they've read the blog they say they don't know how to access it. Many that read it say they don't know how to post on it or how to become a follower. All those folks also send their prayers and love and I would be willing to bet that every blog follower/poster has had the same experience.

  7. Dear Forrest,
    Praying that you had a restful night last night and that today your surgery goes off without a hitch. Pray that God will give each surgeon, doctor, nurse, attendants and caregivers precision and supernatural skills today while working with you. Praying that your recovery from this surgery is quick and that the next steps are clear and that all the necessary treatments, procedures and rehabilatativy steps are smooth. I pray also for peace and encouragement for your family today. Sending extra love to your mom from the heart of one mother to another.

    We will be lifting each of you up today to the great physician and healer petitioning on your behalf trusting in your recovery each day.

    Donna (and the gang)

  8. Forrest, I know you were so excited to get the "new lid," but you know, maybe you just needed more time. Don't be discouraged. I know you will be OK in the end. Take this time to heal properly. I envision you surrounded by light, not only by all of the angels on the ground that are praying for you, but also all of the angels above who are keeping you safe. Team 44, as you know, are doing a stand-up job, making very hard decisions to ensure you have every possibility for a complete recovery! Fast forward to a year from now and I know I'll see your smiling face in "the hood," as Carina and I have started to call the neighborhood. Rest and heal sweet Forrest. Love, support, thoughts and hugs for Team 44. Barbara Riddleberger and the the gang at Rabbit Hill

    P.S. I have also had people tell me they had trouble posting on the blog. So here is the easiest way, a your comment in the box. Select pofile, pick anonymous and then "post comment." A group of letters/and or numbers will appear that you have to copy in the designated box. Then click post comment again. Your post will appear. I hope this helps folks. I also had trouble when I tried to post through google, so just use anonymous.

  9. We are praying for all of you: That you have the strength to remain strong and positive by Forrest's side. This is a big hurdle, and a long race, but you are an extraordinary family, and you will overcome.
    God bless and watch over Forrest.
    Steve and Susanne

  10. Oh, Forrest. So sorry to hear they have to tinker with you again, bionic boy. We know this is a serious speed bump on your autobahn to recovery, but we know you will be back on track soon. All the doctors, staff, your family and everyone that loves you all around the world are working as hard as they can in whatever way they can to get you back on course. We are thinking about all of you, and send prayers, hugs, faith, energy, strength and healing.
    Caroline has spotted you in her "confidence" shirt in some of the photos. It makes her happy that her love can be physically wrapped around you now and then.

    Team 44 Cheerleaders
    Carina, Caroline and Sajen
    Dean, Kaki and Christina Elgin
    down the hill and to the left

  11. Forrest and Team 44
    You are in our thoughts and prayers!
    Keep being strong.
    Love from us to all of you,
    The Selfes

  12. Hello Forrest and Team 44,

    Just wanted to say a quick hello and that I'm praying for all of you daily, nightly, hourly--just whenever you pop into my mind, and that is quite often. I know that God is watching over all of you: Forrest as he once more goes into surgery, and the rest of you as you Wait, and wait and wait for news!

    Thanks so much for the blog update. I know it is now much harder to get anything put on it since you can't do it from inside the hospital. Take care of yourselves and know that we are ALL rooting for the whole team!!

    God Bless, Joyce Ellis

  13. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Emory is a great hospital. Forrest, you're in good hands.

  14. get better sweet forrest, we will will you onto a quick recovery path! You are so special and so many people love you that our focused positive thinking aimed at you will soon show its effect!! chin up and take care, all our love nadia and michael

  15. Dear Forrest & Team Forrest,

    Thank you again for the updates.

    You were very wise to get "all hands on deck" to make an informed decision about the next steps for Forrest. In particular, with your medical backgrounds, we are so glad you are there as Forrest's advocates. While we are sorry to hear of Forrest having to endure various procedures, tests and discomfort, we are glad the decision has been made to relieve the pressure under Forrest's lid. We really believe that procedure will be the key to turning the corner toward improving Forrest's condition and ultimate healing. We hope everything goes better than expected in the next few days.

    You all are in our constant thoughts and prayers for comfort, peace and healing. Know that you are loved and cherished. Please hug each other for us--frequently!

    Maggie, Christina and Antonio

  16. I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa

    Forrest, Kent, Rae, Austin and all those loving relatives and friends:

    As one of 5 sisters, I know how close family can become when we are "tested" with medical situations we may feel overwhelmed by. Having experience a niece's traumatic first 5 years, spent mostly in and out of surgeries, with "good" prognosis and then "not so good" ones, the ups and downs, the amazing support of family, medical personnel, and friends, I know wholeheartedly that we were stronger as a family because of our experiences.

    Since Monday night, many in my family have been getting together and having prayer sessions for all of you. Know that we will continue from afar to pray as we ask for healing, strength and yes, as Debra said - for miracles to happen again.

    Take care,

    Gaby in San Diego

  17. Thinking of you and praying very hard today. Everyone here is wishing, hoping and praying for your safe carriage through this procedure. You will get over this hurdle and kick on, I KNOW it! XOXO, Laurie

  18. I second all the loving and eloquent (Carina) postings here and am praying that Forrest is now resting quietly and completely pain free.

    I am intensely praying for renewal of super human strength of spirit for Rae, Kent, and Austin. It cannot be easy to watch, wait, research, comfort and witness any pain in your precious Forrest, and hope that you are on the right path.

    Keep the faith, dear friends, we are all praying. He will make straight your path. Proverbs 3:16