Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update: 10:00pm on 2/8

Two good days in a row. Sounds like a trend in the making. The therapists at Shepherd are incredible. They are so positive, talented, upbeat and…. well yes CUTE! This morning, one of Forrest's Physical Therapists had him sitting propped up on a large padded platform while her assistant supported his back. He had his long legs draped over the side with his feet on the floor. The therapist was determined to get him to lift his knee and pick his foot up off the floor. You have to understand, he could barely hold his head up. She persistently kept tap tapping on his right knee, " Pick this knee up Forrest. Come on Forrest. You can do it. You do it Forrest. " tap tap on his knee…". You can do it. Forrest. Pick your knee up NOW." Forrest just can't make the knee behave. So what does he do? Without lifting his head, he slowly slides the fingers of both hands under his right knee and lifts that knee right up! Austin and I can't help laughing. The therapist laughed too and then chided him. "Forrest, that's cheating!" Austin and I just looked at each other and smiled. We knew it was classic Forrest. He will find his own way to get the job done, but he WILL get it done.

Quote of the day: "Fall down seven times…Get up eight." Japanese proverb

Forrest giving it his all!


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  2. This is wonderful!!

    Here's my favorite quote: "For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be, what is once well done is done forever." (Thoreau)

  3. Way to go Forrest!!!!

    Like water seeking its own level you will find your way to get it done. Sooner or later the water always wins!!!

  4. Yeah Forrest. Keep up the good work. I am so happy to hear you are keeping them on their toes. You continue to be in all of our hearts and prayers. You wouldn't believe how many people ask on a daily basis how is Forrest doing and keep up to date with your blog. I just saw someone in the bakery the other day and they asked about you so I sent her an email with your blog....we all want to follow your progress. We are routing for you in the Burg. Please be sure to thank your wonderful brother and family for keeping us up to date. Lots of Love from the entire Looney family. Keep up all the hard work, rest and be well soon! xoxo

  5. You are such an inspiration Forrest. Your strength and determination are amazing. You are loved so much by so many people. Hang in there and keep amazing us all! God bless your body and spirit.

    Pam Hallmark

  6. Good job, Forrest! We know you're working hard on difficult tasks and YOU CAN DO IT!

    We're glad that Austin's throat is better so he can be at your side again. You couldn't ask for a better brother, friend, and advocate.

    Every day is bringing good progress. Just look how far you've come already! Keep up the good work. Go, Forrest, go!

    Love to all,

    Diane and Jay

  7. Upon hearing I tried to find out more about what happend. I too was in a medi-vac accident while ski racing out of Wintergreen. I am lucky to be alive. Forrest, you have been in my prayers bud. And I am so sorry to hear about the unfortunate event. If I had known the severity, I feel like I would have tried to make the trip down to Cville, which is where I stayed, to show my support. One step at a time Forrest, and listen to your therapists! Best wishes.

    "Life's greatest art, learned by it’s hardest nocks, is to make stepping stones of stumbling blocks."

    Andrew Dorsey, P.E. '93

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  9. Hi Forrest, Wilbur and I are friends of your Grandmother, Norma Lou. We go to church with her in Bolivar, Mo. and she very often eats lunch with us and our friend, Naoma Hicks, at El Rodeo. She has been keeping us & the Bolivar Church of Christ updated on your progress, then last week she gave me your blog address. Now I can keep up with you myself. Your family is amazing in how they've stayed by your side since your accident and helped you every step of the way. You are all in our prayers, and I can't wait to read the blog each evening to see what progress you've made. By looking at your pictures, I can see that you are a determined young man, and I'm sure you will do well! Keep up the good work. We're pulling for you!!

    Love, Joyce and Wilbur Ellis
    Wheatland, Mo.

  10. Inspiring and very funny! GO FORREST!!
    Three good days in a row coming up......
    Eric and Kim