Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update: 9:30pm on 2/15

Forrest had a grueling trek from the gym back to his room on the walker assisted by two physical therapists today. The extended period of "altitude" he experienced being upright seemed to make him a little dizzy and he struggled with the weight and bulk of the casts. But they are pushing him harder this week. He moved right from the walker to a "roadster style" chair that allows him to shuffle his feet along while he turns the wheels with his own arms. More important steps toward independent movement! He was spent after an 2 hours of therapy and had a hard time with lunch. It is not unusual for ABI patients to struggle with swallowing and with keeping food down.

Austin went with Forrest for a 3-dimensional cat scan of his skull this afternoon. They taped Forrest's poor head to the table causing him understandable distress. He actually whispered to Austin," take it off." Once they repositioned the tape and made it more bearable, he gave his brother a double tap on the shoulder and proceeded to be a real champ for the rest of the procedure. The 3-dimensional CT will be used to create a model of Forrest's skull in preparation for this next surgery, which is tentatively scheduled in 3 weeks. He did better eating tonight due to a little healthy sibling rivalry. He was bored with eating pudding by himself so when Dad handed him yet ANOTHER spoon of pudding he passed it on to Austin. Austin declined to share his spoon, but took a fork and dipped it into Forrest's pudding. They eyed each other over the unappetizing pudding and Forrest whispered "1…2…3…"

Proud of both our boys' accomplishments today,

The race is on!

Forrest walking


  1. It will be no time before that chair is replaced by Forrest's favorite horse! Bravo, Forrest!

  2. Way to go Forrest, YOU are winning this race!! In no time you will be running the show!! Looking forward to the next posting!!
    XXOO Nadia and Michael

  3. Wow!!! This is truly incredible!! Yes, I can clearly see you on a horse very soon, Forrest! You are incredibly brave! Keep going!!!

  4. Dear Forrest,
    We're sitting in advisory today. We just watched your video while eating delicious cupcakes that Cole made for Caitlin's 18th birthday. We are so proud of you. The video was awesome and we're thinking of you.
    With love,
    Emily Cummins, Emily Dods, Cole Gayheart, Caitlin Howard, Cassie Jones, Molly Berg, Sarah Seligman, and Cassin Bertke

  5. Hi Forrest - We, too, are in advisory. Wish we could send you some of the great pumpkin bread and brownies that Lauren Bryan brought to give you a break from the pudding. Cristina Berriz says you probably would've eaten it all if you were here. :)

    We miss you and are so proud and excited by your progress. Know that the Highland community is thinking of you and your family!

    The Catalfamo/Norden advisory:
    Georgia Pearson
    Cristina Berriz
    Crosby Haile
    Charlotte Eldredge
    Jennifer Hoerner
    Jackie St. Clair
    Lauren Bryan
    Libby Brown
    Nicole Brown
    Emily Berg
    MacKenzie Ross

  6. Forrest,

    You are making such an amazing and awesome recovery! We are thrilled to read about your accomplishments each and every day.

    Since HR people deal with acronyms all the time, I thought I would make one just for you.

    Fabulous determination

    Outstanding progress

    Remarkable daily milestones

    Ready to take on the challenges

    Eager to return to your family and friends

    Successful results

    Thankful for all the blessings

    Continue your fight Forrest, you are gaining ground with every step you take, every spoonful you swallow, every word you speak, every therapy session you finish, every memory you regain and every challenge you take on. May the power of all the prayers being said in your name continue to push you forth a step at a time.

    Gaby (QGMCA)

  7. WOW Forrest. You look great. I am so glad you have a way of moving around. After watching over you for many nights, it is great to see you moving around own your own. I love the stories of you finding your voice again and that competitive spirit with Austin. Now it is just a matter of time and hard work. You can do this Forrest. Love Aunt Tricia

  8. Hi Forest,
    It's Katt & Kim, Aunt Tricia & Lissa's friends in San Diego. You and your team's efforts and triumphs inspire us daily! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your days with us on this blog. You guys are amazing!

  9. Woohoo!!! Way to go, 44. I knew it was only a matter of time before you were racing up and down the halls!! Love your daily progress reports in all forms. Can't wait to walk into a room and hear you say "YO" !!
    love you.

  10. Wow, Forrest-We go out of town for 1 day, and when we come back we find you are walking and talking, and yourself!! You are amazing and inspiring.
    Lots of Love,

    Jim and Gail

  11. Forrest,
    I have not been able to read the blog for several days..... what great progress you've made in those few days!!! I am amazed! I especially love seeing all of the pictures (and videos) of you and Team Forrest....... you really do look great...... I know you don't FEEL great, but it's wonderful just seeing your progress. I LOVE the "gift" you gave to your mother on the dry erase board... what a priceless gift that was!! Keep up the wonderful progress, your courage and perseverance are truly an inspiration. Fondly, Betsy, Mark & Lauren Davis

  12. Forrest,
    You have been working so hard ever since you got to Atlanta! Keep up the good work! We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers! Tell your Aunt Lynn and Cousin Travis "Hello" for us.
    Yours truly,
    The Fiske Family from Colorado