Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update: 11:00pm on 2/1

Forrest today had Physical Therapy for 30 minutes, up in his chair for 2 hours and had his evaluation for the Shepherd Center. So it was a busy day and very tiring for him. He could barely hold his head up by the end of the day. He is getting prepared for his Med Flight on Thursday morning to Atlanta to get to the Shepherd Center for Rehabilitation. We are breaking down the significant amount of cards and pictures and posters that he has accumulated in his room at UVA. He has been off the tranquilizers today but still on pain relief. He will go back on some more meds probably for the transport.

We are told it is likely to be stressful for his transport but he will be ready with Team Forrest members on the flight and others driving cars. On the flight will be Mom and Dad and the nurse and the paramedic, they will all keep him safe during the short flight to Atlanta.

When he gets to Shepherd, he will have a team of ten people which will include physicians that will assess his health his physical therapy and his neurological assessment and even his neuro transmitters. There will be cognitive, recreational, exercise and speech and physiotherapists working with him. It will be exhausting work for him but we have high hopes.

We continue to be amazed at all of the great stories of recuperation we hear from you on his blog, the nice people who wait on us as we show up exhausted and emotional at the local restaurants, we appreciate them all. We are all, including Forrest, ready to move on to the next step. As Forrest would say, "Game On!" Many thanks for Austin reading Calvin and Hobbs half the night and Aunt Trish for the late night shift and transporting people in the morning, doing laundry and having to sleep during the day.
"Make your own recovery the first priority in your life." 
                                                    -- Robin Norwood


  1. We are very excited that Forrest will move on to this very proactive stage of his recovery. My only regret is that I cannot physically help you accomplish everything that needs to be done in transporting the 'Allen camp' to Atlanta. I'm there with you in spirit. Kathy

  2. I had the pleasure of serving you all this evening at the Horse and Hound. As soon as I got home, I immediately logged on and have been amazed by the courage and perseverance you all have exhibited during this trying time. You all have obviously been a pillar of faith, strength, and support for Forrest and as a nursing student and member of the UVA medical center family, I can honestly say that this is better than any medicine or treatment the hospital can provide. I have no doubts that Forrest will continue to make great strides. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers as you continue along your journey.

  3. Go Forrest! Remember to stay methodical bro and to not lose focus! Keep going strong through the fourth quarter!
    Ms. Allen, I would just like to suggest that he might be read comments from his facebook wall to remind him of his friends back home, so that he doesn't feel forgotten or anything like you said. I am sure a steady stream of messages will be on his facebook for the next months and I just thought he would really appreciate all the outpouring from friends.

  4. We are continuing our prayers for you, Forrest, as you tackle this very exciting next stage of your recovery. Be strong, think positive thoughts, keep steady, and know that you are surrounded by an enormous support system full of people who love you and are looking out for you! We may not be by your side as your adoring family is, but we are there with you in spirit - hope you are feeling the love! Love and hugs from Karen, Joe, Jordan, Brandon, and Coleman Rafferty xoxo

  5. This is great news! The next phase of forward movement! Please know that the Davis family follows the Camp Allen contingent in spirit and will eagerly await the positive progress reports that you will be posting from warm and sunny Atlanta. We pray that Forrest's progress is steady and encourages all of you particularly when you are fatigued or anxious. We know that your love for Forrest is your fuel, but also know that caring for your son, brother and nephew with this intensity is exhausting, too. We pray for your strength, both mental and physical. You all really embody a favorite quote of mine: Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you. (St. Augustine).

    We send our love and heartfelt pledge to daily cover Forrest, and all of you, in prayer.

    Shannon, Jim and the Davis girls3

  6. We haven't been able to read updates for the past few days. We're catching up now and WOW - have we missed a lot! Way to go Forrest! When our niece was battling cancer she taught us the concept of living every day. It's a simple concept that many people miss. Live each day to its fullest, don't be bothered by the little things, celebrate everything, don't let setbacks get you down - every day is a gift.

    Best wishes for a smooth transfer on Thursday. Hopefully the new facility will also have therapy dogs. If not, we can fly our 7 dogs down for a visit! We are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

    -Brian and Becky Masuga

  7. Forrest,
    What news! I am thrilled that the doctors have decided you are ready for the next phase of your recovery. Although I hate the idea that you'll be further away from us, I'm glad that we'll still be able to follow your progress via the blog. It sounds like the rehab facility in Atlanta is the best place for you now. Good luck.

    Today was a special day in the Upper School. National Honor Society students presented the first semester honor roll certificates. We started with the freshman honor roll (first semester GPA of 3.3 or higher), then sophomore, etc. Then we presented the freshman high honor roll (first semester GPA of 3.7 or higher), then sophomore, etc. When we got to the senior high honor roll, yours was the first name announced. There was tremendous applause! I wish you were there to hear it and to pick up your certificate, but Peyton took it for you. Ms. Safren took a picture of Peyton holding both your certificate and his. I'll try to email it to your mom so you can see.

    We're all thinking of you and wishing you a safe trip tomorrow and a smooth recovery.

    Congratulations on your first semester performance!
    Cassin Bertke

  8. Forrest,
    Congratulations on the high Honor roll for the fall!
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow as you make your way down to Atlanta. I'll be sending you "good vibrations," as I'm sure countless other people will as well.

    All my best,

    Fraley Coles

  9. Wow! It is no wonder that you are progressing so well, Forrest! To read of all of your personal accomplishments in your young life is a testament to the love and support you have had from your amazing family. It is also proof of the incredible strength of character you, no doubt, possess. You are in the fight of your life and you have so much to teach those of us who stand in awe of your strength. Your story and the story of your family's bond is inspiring and uplifting beyond words. I remember my own experience as a patient in Shock Trauma (at your age), in bad shape, looking out at my family, past tubes and wires, unable to communicate, but having the peace of mind knowing that God was not only watching me but that He had a plan and that after all was said and done, it would be revealed. I wanted to be able to tell my loved ones that I was ok and that I was in the protective arms of God but I couldn't speak. I hope your family can feel comforted by this. I think you know what I mean. In so many ways, it is easier to be the person in the hospital bed than to be those on the outside looking in. We think about you all ever day and are so pleased to read of your miraculous progress! We will continue to send you all our prayers as you enter this journey of healing...
    Naomi and David P.

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  11. Hi Forrest,

    I just wanted to let you know we are saying special prayers tonight for your move and transition to the Shepherd Center knowing that the greatest Shepherd is watching over you.

    God bless,
    Donna (and the gang..Owen, Chloe, Lilli & Rich)