Monday, February 14, 2011

Update: 10:30pm on 2/14

Forrest today is not only the topic of the blog, surprise,surprise but he is also the speaking star of the day. So you have to wait for the words but obviously the point is he spoke! So an amazing day overall.Lots of things going on. Sarah stayed this morning and left this afternoon after Delta cancelled her flight. Forrest so enjoyed seeing his good friend yesterday and today, they had a great conversation, with Sarah obviously doing most of the conversation.

During speech therapy today, he started speaking. It was very faint, since he was trying to talk around a tracheostomy and it was the first words he’d said in 5 weeks. It started with “Sure” on a reply to the speech therapist. Although it was very faint it was definitely Forrest’s voice and inflections. It continued off and on thru the day with Forrest saying goodbye to the speech therapist... "See you later."

Forrest had lots of great things happening today. He ate well tonight and had minimal swallowing problems, already a great improvement from the previous 24 hours. He had a busy day of physical and occupational therapy. He was exhausted at the end of the day.

You can see frustration in his eyes as he still having to wear the uncomfortable brace. He has had some problems with contraction of the tendons in the back of his ankles and so casts were put on his feet from the just below the knees to the toes to help straighten them out. They will get changed out on Friday. Every day is hard and painful for him and filled with frustration. But the amazing part is the kind gentle nature of Forrest is in there. He grins at us when he can and he is sitting there being frustrated, he will look over and touch his Mom’s face . Hard to be too concerned with our role as caretaker’s when he is so kind and gentle both before and after the accident. While Rae is catching up the notes for the Doctor’s meeting tomorrow, I’m writing the blog and Austin is watching Forrest and Aunt Lynn is cooking dinner, great team!

His progress in a week is astounding, I am in awe of his effort and progress. He is my hero.
Quote of the day from Aunt Lynn, “Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow." Mary Ann Radmacher

Dad and Team Forrest

Forrest shooting his new nerf gun

Maybe Dad will take casting up as a hobby

Forrest and cousin Travis


  1. Congrats on the first words - big moment! So many encouraging updates in the past few days. We'll keep praying for more progress and less frustration - keep up the hard work, Forrest! So proud of what you're accomplishing. Keep fighting.

  2. What a wonderful Valentine's Day gift from Forrest to his loved ones and his ever-expanding fan club!! What amazing progress!! Keep up the great work, Forrest and Team, and know that we continue to send good vibrations, excitations, and prayers for your rapid recuperation.

    (Jack and Carmen too!)

  3. Forrest,
    I wake up every morning, and the first thing I do, after getting my cup of tea and letting the dogs out, is to read your updates. How thrilled I was to see that you had spoken. What a wonderful Valentines's gift to your loving family. You are making fabulous progress and I am looking forward to reading more good things. Keep working hard and I, and the rest of your Middleburg fan, club will keep cheering you on!
    Hugs and Kisses.

  4. Forrest, the news of your progress is so incredibly exciting. This blog is better than then best book we've ever read! I read it first thing each morning and update my boys as soon as they awaken. There's a superhero book in this story!
    Thinking of you constantly and sending all our best energies,
    Pat, Ted and Packard

  5. Speaking is huge and such good news! Forrest, you are truly a hero for so many of us. What amazing spirit - to be so strong to do all that you are doing and so very kind and gentle as well. Hopefully the frustration will lessen quickly as you continue to accomplish something more every day. Hang tough - none of us can begin to imagine how difficult this must be for you. But we are with you and your Team every step of the way! Love from The Shermans

  6. I'm ecstatic. We've not met, but I can easily see the kindness and resolve in Forrest in all these happenings and in the photos as well.

  7. It's great to hear from Kent again! We knew that, after being away a few days, you'd have lots to say about the remarkable progress of your son. We're overjoyed to learn that Forrest has said his first words after emerging from the long tunnel. Hurrah for Team Forrest!
    Diane & Jay

  8. Sounds like birthday and valentines day wishes coming true! It is an awesome day when we hear such great progress. Forrest, I don't know if you know the expanse of the people praying for you and reading the daily progress...but I can see that the love and energy is making it's way to you. It is your shear determination and positive attitude shining through with the love and support of Team Forrest! Carry on...may each day bring you sweet successes that makes us all look forward to tomorrow...
    Hugs, Viki and family

  9. Well Hot diggity dog ziggity boom! What an accomplishment Forrest! I'm so happy that you have found your voice again! And, those casts!! I figure they are probably a pain to wear, but I swear, you are getting handsomer every day! And, Team Forrest, you do an awesome job of updating the blog and adding pictures every day!! I agree with Pat's note above, it is like reading a wonderful book. Can't wait to read the new addition every day!! Keep up the good work! Joyce and Wilbur Ellis

  10. Dear Forrest,
    "First words" stories are awesome, and I loved reading about yours (thanks to Kent for only making me hold my breath until paragraph two). You must be working incredibly hard to have accomplished this so quickly!

    My son's accident (and the resulting traumatic brain injury and coma) happened 12 years ago, and we're still laughing over his first words. His dad was going out to get a morning coffee, and I was on bedside duty. His dad asked me if I wanted anything to eat. Before I could answer, Dan sat up in his bed (also a first) and said, quite clearly, "Why yes, I'd like a donut. Donuts are my favorite food." He had to wait a little while before he was ready for donuts, but were we ever celebrating!

    Wishing you continued progress and praising God for all these answered prayers. with love, Lisa Crump

  11. Awesome, awesome news! I, too, read this blog every day. Thanks for sending all this heartwarming news from sunny GA!

    Talking already. Wow. I am continually blown away by Forrest's progress. SO happy for all of you.

    Love from everyone in the Davis family.

    p.s. Rae looks so tiny next to her huge, smiling son. Love these great photos!

  12. PS - I'm with Lisa..."praising God for all these answered prayers." Hear hear!

  13. Hi Forrest!
    This is Olivia from 2nd grade at Hill. I am sorry that the pillow is late. I am trying to figure out how to use my sewing machine and my mom is not much help! I am going to finish the pillow tonight no matter how long it takes! I hope you like it. The fabric of the pillow is going to be a surprise! It looks like you are doing really well!
    Oh, Happy Valentines Day!