Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update: 3:30am on 2/17

Forrest slept badly last night but that doesn’t change the therapy schedule so he was up and at it this morning. He seemed a little down during sessions and meals today and couldn’t do his last group session. We have to expect some down days and steps back coupled with all of his amazing progress and compared to where we started a couple weeks ago.We had a really good discussion with him this evening with him asking about his new face. We reassured him that it is the same old Forrest face as handsome as ever once they put the top of his noggin back on. We also assured him all of his parts work and that he is making tremendous strides. The lid replacement is scheduled for about 3 weeks if all of the swelling in the brain is subsided.

He is having trouble with his trachea tube and it keeps slipping out without him grabbing for it. The Doctor came in to see the problem and had respiratory therapy techs replace it with a longer more flexible one. When it was put in he lapsed into a coughing spasm for so long he threw up which is worrisome and difficult to watch and help with. He didn’t appear to aspirate anything which is great news. We have him on his side so he can vomit more safely and after retching he pats each of us to reassure us since he can see the worried looks on our faces. Typical Forrest that he is in the midst of a drama and is worried what the people around him are concerned about. He is trying so hard to be brave and not worry us that he makes us cheer up when we start to get worried or depressed.

After the problems this evening and a new group of nursing staff that doesn’t know him as well, we decided to go back to all night monitoring with Aunt Lynn (who cooked us dinner) and Austin (posting this blog) are taking the night shifts so Rae and I can attend the meals and some of the therapy sessions tomorrow and participate in the goal setting session. Slightly frustrating when you think those days are behind you and then at a moment’s notice you are right back to it.

Rae and I toured the Shepherd Pathways which is the outpatient center for Shepherd. It is in a slightly different area of Atlanta and seemed very nice. He could hopefully move there in about a month if things continue to go well. We also toured a canine school with Sundance so he can make his first steps toward becoming a therapy dog and helping both Forrest and other people in similar circumstances.

Quote of the day from a movie that Forrest, Austin and I watched tonight. One of our favorites, Galaxy Quest. “Never give up…Never surrender”! Tim Allen

Dad and Team Forrest

Forrest looking at facebook

Forrest and Austin headed to a therapy session


  1. I wish I could reach out and give you all a hug! Forrest, you are doing so well, don't get discouraged!! Sundance will make an excellent therapy dog!! Fast forward in your mind--it will all be OK and you will look back and be amazed at the progress you made enduring the biggest challenge of your life. Love and hugs and licks from the peeps and pets of Rabbit Hill XXOO

  2. Kent, while I was reading your post about going back to the night monitoring and sensing your understable frustration, I thought of this

    "The darkest hour has only sixty minutes."

    I know when this hour is over, yall will have a new hour filled with success and many steps forward.
    Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers, no matter what time it is.
    Hugs to the whole Allen clan,

  3. Team Forrest, You are all doing such a terrific job of being front and center at Forrest's side, plus keeping up the Blog, adding pictures daily and just being a TEAM!! I know it has to get frustrating when Forrest is having a bad day like he did yesterday, but there is always tomorrow (today) and Forrest is right there with you!

    I'm so glad he can communicate with you again. That has to be a GREAT stride! I love the picture of him and Austin heading for therapy holding hands. That says so much about the two of them, and the video of the "Great Wheelchair Race" was terrific!

    I've always liked this quote: "If God brings you to it; God will bring you through it!" by: Frank Jordan.

    Hang in there Forrest & Team! You have ALL been a GREAT inspiration to me and many, many others who are following your Blog. Here's hoping that all of you have a better day today!

    Love, Joyce and Wilbur

  4. When I was a new teacher, one thing became blessedly clear to me. No matter how bad a day was (and there were some bad ones!), the next day would be different.

    When will they be able to remove the trach tube entirely?

  5. Forrest and team 44,
    Know as you have rough days that we are all pulling with you! As Rae said recently, it is just a small bump in the road. Remember on the tough days the tremendous progress.
    Keep hanging in there!
    The Selfes

  6. Well, Forrest. I got to hang out with a teenager all night again. Haven't done that in a while. You were a champ through all of the nighttime-adventures-in-a-hospital. They sure liked to come in a visit us a lot. I think we were both glad when they finally quit coming and going. You did a great job and this will all be a thing of the past soon. Do you know how great it is for us that you have this positive attitude? Well done. Keep it up! Aunt Lynn

  7. Prayers for your energy - mental and physical - on these blessedly few set-back days. The commitment of your family continues to inspire ours. Love to all of you, including that HANDSOME youngest son of yours, not to leave out is extremely handsome and loving older brother. Our offer to adopt him when his work in GA is complete, stands. :)

    Love to all of you,

  8. I am not a medical expert and without reservation definitely appreciate all that they are doing and expecting, but a little down time never hurt anyone. The patient knows, to a large extent, what is important - realized or not - so to have a bit of "off" time compared to the completely amazing strides hardly seems unreasonable to me. I think it allows one to regroup a bit and get ready for what is next. As amazing and wonderful as all of this - and happily we've seen that every day lately on the blog! - it is important to remember that none of it is easy. So that's my two cents, for whatever it's worth! Trusting tomorrow will be better. And sending good thoughts and love from all the Shermans, lisa

  9. I'm so sorry it took me so long to hear about Forrest's accident and all you all are going through! I have always been soo impressed with your beautiful, loving family.and now am even more!
    Although I haven't seen you in quite awhile, I remember Forrest's mischievous spunk..and the darling young man he is!
    My heart aches for you all....please know my thoughts and prayers will be with Forrest and TeamForrest!