Friday, February 18, 2011

Update:12:00am on 2/18

Forrest had a great breakfast this morning. Following breakfast he had his casts cut off and reapplied. As his ligaments and muscles get realigned, he should soon be in a removable set of casts that he only needs to wear for part of the day. He had a good lunch, unfortunately followed by a coughing spell that caused him to gag and lose his lunch. He's still getting used to the new trach and his airway is still sensitive. The docs are deciding whether his trach can be removed before his lid gets put back on in a few weeks, since he will need to be intubated and the tissue in his trachea needs to be healed before that happens. It may be the safest course to wait until after the surgery, that decision will be made soon.

After lunch he had more therapy, including playing Wii bowling standing up (while supported)!! His therapists met with Mom and Dad to have a goal setting meeting today. They discussed areas of rapid improvement (his muscles, physical stamina and coordination, and his speech), and areas that need particular focus (his orientation of where he is, his focus and short term memory). They reminded us that it's still early in the game and he's made remarkable progress in the last couple of weeks.

The least fun part of his day was the endoscopy, where one of the respiratory specialists examined his upper airway with an imaging device. They're still concerned about his larynx, trachea, and upper airway. The examination seemed to suggest his upper airway is improving. Luckily he has an excellent cough which is important to clearing mucous and protecting his airway.

He's sleeping soundly right now. The Doctors have adjusted his sleeping medicine so that he sleeps longer at night. Right now he's surrounded in about a million pillows and looks pretty darn comfortable.

Austin and Team Forrest

I figured Sundance should make the blog. He's being trained to be a therapy dog while we're in Atlanta. He's currently staying with a trainer and working toward impeccable manners. He has a genuine heart of gold and does wonders for everyone's spirits. Here's a picture I took when he and I took a walk in the park... typical Sundance.


  1. Good morning, Team Forrest! Glad to hear the meds are helping 44 get some rest, sleeping being one of his favorite activities! Forrest, I went to a reception yesterday, and so many people asked after you- everyone is so thrilled about all of your progress and proud of your hard work to gain it! I talked to Sarah W-B, she was telling great tales about your impressive skills with the Nerf gun. She sure was happy to see you. Spring feels like it on it's way here at the farm today, getting ready to be beautiful for when you get to come home. Hope your day is a good one, love you and miss you lots.

  2. Forrest, We are so impressed by your hard work and great advances! Owen and I talk about you every day and Lilli continues to go to the blog daily and says, "how's Forrest today". She loves all the pictures and I read to her about your great strides. You continue to inspire our family old and young.

    Praying God blesses you with a peaceful day!

    The Barkley Looney Gang...or the Looney Barkley Gang...
    Donna, Owen, Lilli, Rich

    p.s. Hi Austin, Rae, Kent!

  3. We're so glad to see the photo of Sundance already providing mom with some therapy. Nothing like a dog to make you smile! I'm sure he can't wait to shake his dripping wet yellow fur all over his Forrest soon.

    We are so proud of how hard you are working, Forrest, and how far you have come. Keep up the great work. You are awesome!

    Caroline, Carina and Sajen
    PS. Did you get the package Caroline sent with Kent?

  4. I'm sure that Sundance's close proximity to you all will help lift everyone's spirits.

  5. Austin,

    Thank you for sharing all the great progress that Forrest is making and for giving us our targeted prayer list - I will focus my prayer requests primarily on that trach so Forrest can keep ALL his food down.

    You know, I'm remembering my girls when they were learning to walk / talk. All three were climbers...lots of large muscle coordination, but they couldn't speak very much. It worried me until our doc said, "their brains are developing large motor skills first. Fine motor and speech will come along right behind." And it did. And like Forrest, they all love sports. :)

    So, my totally unscientific theory of the day is that Forrest's brain is happier achieving the big muscle / stamina stuff first. He's an athlete! :)

    "The rest will come along right behind."

    Love to all you,
    Shannon and family