Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"I'll be back soon," whispers Forrest

There's no doubt in my mind you will be back Darlin'... and soon.

Your reconstructed Noggin suits your handsome profile beautifully. And while its early, there's no evidence of CSF overdrainage so far.   In this photo the determination is clearly visible in your eyes. Your underlying unsinkable sense of humor is reflected in your smile snd your trade mark thumbs up speaks volumes of your enduring optimism.  

What goes unseen in this photograph is the stabbing pain emanating from your chest wall with each breath or your inability to swallow without an excruciating coughing spasm or your nausea and difficulty breathing when the physical therapist attempted to sit you up.  You are trying so hard to hide the emotional and physical exhaustion that plagues you.  With every labored breath you take my heart aches for you Darlin'. 

I remember an interview you did over two years ago when the journalist asked you what was your secret to staying so upbeat.  You smiled at her and replied, "What I've learned is, that in life there are some way Highs and then there are some real Lows...and sometimes you just gotta wait out the Lows to get to the next High!"  So Forrest that's what we will do.  We will wait out this really painful Low and be back on top again soon.   In the meantime counting our blessings helps.

Blessings like Tami, who is always there for you, and for us, with a cheerful helping hand, a book to divert your attention from discomfort and an all night bedside vigil when needed. Like probably again tonight! 

Pops has lightened our load immeasurably. Driving back and forth for surgeries from his clinic in Middleburg to take the early week end shifts, negotiate with doctors and deliver much needed food and coffee for your team. 

And of course Toliver who rushes to your bedside when your breathing quickens from the pain bringing you his favorite toy. You were even able to throw it for him tonight! 


Messages, videos, Paws Up For Forrest pet pictures on FB , and FT with Austin and your pals break up the day and make anything seem possible. Tomorrow will be better, Champ. 

 With love and gratitude for your prayers, encouragement and devotion to Forrest,


  1. Forrest you look GREAT! Wow. And we are so sorry for the extra pain. May the next "high" be here very soon. Many proud of you.

  2. Forrest, You're looking good! I know that every one of your deep, painful breaths brings you one day closer to Brightwood. Be home soon. Xo

  3. Sending prayers for easier breathing and decreased pain. Praying that you transition from that low to that high, real soon! So much love surrounds you...... mend quickly, Forrest! Love, Mark, Betsy & Lauren Davis

  4. I know he whispered that he will be back but I hear it as a roar! Forrest is the toughest hombre around, truly amazing.
    love , prayers, and Pebble Power
    Uncle Brad

  5. Forrest, it is so great to see the smile on your face even if it is through clenched teeth! We are so proud of you and the fight that you so bravely tackle every day! We know you'll be back soon and we can't wait to see you walk through the doors of 4 West Marshall Street again with your bright, cheerful smile and your sense of humor. One step at a time...keep on walking...keep on'll be back on your feet again soon!
    We are praying for you every step of the way!
    Love and hugs,
    The Rafferty Family

  6. Rae, you write so beautifully and with such love and admiration for your son. I look forward to each and every update and it always brings a smile to my face and brightens my day. Just when people think they are having a bad day, they hear another story about Forrest and his fight, and it changes their attitude completely. Forrest is a champion and I know he will come out of this stronger than ever. The greater the struggle, the greater the victory! With God, all things are possible! Continued hugs and prayers to you all! With love, Denise Gilliland

  7. Forrest, I used to think Austin had a pretty cool scar--very manly. But I'd say you have him beat in that department (don't you think Austin?)! Wear it with pride. You look terrific Forrest. You are definitely wearing your "I got this" face in the top photo. A lesser man would have collapsed on the side of the road long ago. We are so proud of you and so filled with admiration for your junkyard dog tenacity.

    We hope you feel better and get stronger every day.

    With much love and admiration,
    Uncle John