Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Grateful Hearts

You made it Darlin,  

As Dr Kumar explained last night, it was a brutal surgery and it will be a painful recovery. But you are strong and he is hopeful that this is your last major surgery. That the bony reconstruction of your skull has now been accomplished.  He had warned us though that with your vulnerable scalp it's possible that some small areas may not hold.  We should know in the next 7-10 days and that would require further surgical revision or skin grafting. Additionally when removing one of your ribs the lining of your chest cavity was punctured.  We knew going in this is one of the risks. He sutured the opening closed and daily chest X-rays will help detect any complications that might require a chest drain to be placed.  

You spent the night in ICU with Tami at your side. It was difficult for you to communicate but the two of you are so close, that she was able to understand your level of pain and help the nurses manage your medication. 

You are so strong your vital signs all stabilized quickly and you were released from ICU this morning. Pops relieved Tami early in the morning, oversaw your early medications, and with Toliver gladly accompanied you back to 12 E. Room 48 where are you are surrounded by pictures and decorations from home.  The wonderful ICU nurses were charmed by Toliver and his joyous reunion with you!

So now I sit quietly once again watching you rest, your breathing a little labored, and your pain level back down to two out of 10. Even through all the pain medicine you're able to give the nurse a little smile and pass all the neurological assessments. Ending with what we have all been waiting and hoping for. Your Thumbs up game on spirit. 

With a grateful heart for all your enduring prayer warriors, surgeons, nurses, faithful friends, earthly angels, second chances,  and most of all for your indomitable spirit.  

God bless,


  1. The best news. Whew. Love you all, most especially, Forrest.

  2. Sending my healing powers for a quick recovery! From Martin's sister, Marilyn.

  3. Wishing you a speedy and smooth recovery, Forrest. Your friends at Dolphin Research Center!


  4. Thinking of you and all you have been through. Hope this is the last big hurdle for you. You are so blessed to have a wonderful Team 44!!! Love to all, Patti Brantley

  5. Sending lots of prayers and well wishes! Toliver is awesome. I loved meeting him a few weeks ago and seeing you and your family. All the best Fraley

  6. Sweet boy, even from a distance, I can see your gorgeous cranium taking shape. And now that the finishing form has been fashioned from your own ribs, well, somehow that feels deeply spiritual and familiar. And painful. Oh buddy, I'm praying they are managing your pain. I'm praying your scalp is ready for this final round and will get what it needs to thrive, heal and remain sealed! I'm praying you don't need a chest tube. I'm praying you remain infection free. I'm praying are strong enough to come home SOON. I'm praying that you feel the prayers and love of so many that care for you. Amen.

  7. Thank you ,Team 44, for your thorough and speedy updates. Because of that effort, we know when to double our prayers, breathe deeply or smile. It means more than you can image. Thank you, dear Forrest, for your amazing courage and positive spirit. You are like the mighty oak, glistening in the sun, staying strong in the storm. I wonder if you know how much this battle you are shouldering helps us all to be the best we can be as we confront our own obstacles and challenges. Sleep and know that every second that passes is bringing you closer to being strong, pain free, and home.

    1. Debby, That is one of the most beautiful comments I've read, and I think I've read them all. Thank you for sharing. Aren't we lucky to have Forrest in our lives!

      Gail Wofford (Lewis and Theo Ince's grandmother)

  8. Team44 you are incredible, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Forrest you are a warrior inspiring so many, praying for your recovery to be as painless as possible. Bravo to the medical team at Hopkins! We are by your side in thought and prayers. Lean on us as much as you want, we want to help. God bless you

  9. Sending prayers from Indiana. Sharing you story to give others the courage to persevere in the face of adversity.

  10. Forrest, this is just another remarkable outcome from what I'm sure is another groundbreaking surgery - just another step for your compete recovery and entry into medical history books. You are a testament to character, drive, tenacity, courage, optimism, good humor and steadfastness. The beautiful heartfelt entries of this blog are sustaining me, as I'm sure they are all your admirers and friends. Thank you, all bloggers, and Woof, Toilver!!

    All love,


  11. Lovely, uplifting post! My heart aches for all that you have been and are going through.

  12. Lovely, uplifting post! My heart aches for all that you have been and are going through.