Saturday, November 14, 2015

Laughter IS the Best Medicine

We have a surgery date!  Dr. Kumar met with Forrest and Mum yesterday and confirmed that Forrest is scheduled for surgery on Monday.  It will begin at 7:30 in the morning and is expected to take 8-10 hours.  If we avoid any complications Forrest might just make it home by Thanksgiving!  If not we will give thanks for our many blessings here.  

Today marked 3 weeks of bed rest for Forrest.  We are so thankful for the hours of video chats and online therapy sessions that have kept his brain and body active.  Forrest had a great yoga session today followed by a special visit!  Abby and Megan, two of Forrest's Same Sky cast mates journeyed to Baltimore today (with Megan's mom, Tina) and spent many hours bringing much needed sunshine to room 48.  They shared stories of "Flat Forrest", the cardboard Forrest that traveled with the Same Sky cast to the American Music Therapy Conference in Kansas City this week.  Sounds of laughter carried into the halls as Forrest and the girls swapped tales and caught up on the past few weeks.  Even Toliver seemed to have a little extra twinkle in his eye all afternoon.

The girls brought Forrest a t-shirt from a BBQ place they ate at in Kansas City. 


Thanks for the continued support and prayers.

-Team 44


  1. Good news! And you're doing yoga!! God for you!

  2. Great news......onward and upward!!

  3. Wonderful news! We will be sending thoughts, prayers, good vibes, love, hope, faith, confidence, optimism, belief, trust, and high expectations your way all day tomorrow, Forrest. The force and 44 are with you!
    All love,
    Jim and Gail