Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Update and a Gift From Forrest

Doctor Luciano checked in on Forrest and conferred with Mum earlier this evening.  Unfortunately, so far, the new valve has not resolved the issue that is threatening Forrest's precious Noggin'.  Starting tomorrow, they will begin a battery of diagnostic exams to determine if Forrest has a CSF leak, so that his medical team can create a New Plan. 

While we wait for the New Plan, Forrest's faithful friends, supporters and therapists continue to uplift and inspire us daily.  Every text message, Facebook post and blog comment is treasured.  Video chats have become the highlights of the long days in room 48, like the 3-way hour long...
Hilarious FaceTime with Tori and Ben last night! 
Today's video chats included a virtual Pilates workout (while maintaining Forrest's bed restriction) with Kay, from her Pilates Studio in Middleburg, featuring none other than...
There were also some bittersweet moments today, like the conversation that Forrest had with Mum and Tom Sweitzer.  We had to face the reality that Forrest will not be able to journey with the Same Sky cast to perform for the American Music Therapy Conference in Kansas City next week.  Forrest says that is a "super bummer", but he is excited that Tom will still make it possible for him to participate through video and hopefully live streaming of the performance.  Forrest will pre-record his Same Sky monologue from his hospital bed this week so that his story will remain a part of the show!

Over the past four and a half years, you have given us the miraculous gift of your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement thousands of times over.  It is time now to give a gift to you.  Earlier this year, Forrest joined with Jason Price and Nathan Chuba to write and record a song that conveys Forrest's personal message of his journey, of staying strong and never giving up.  You can listen to their song here:

Let Forrest know what you think!  Thank you for your unfailing faith in Forrest and his journey. 

Just Keep Walkin'.

- Team 44


  1. Forrest, a worrior at heart, keeps all those around him buoyed with incredible strength, faith and a vision of days to come. You have demonstrated time and again that the world is your stage and you are the STAR of the show, loved by all. Keep the faith, keep the light of your star lighting the are a rock star!

  2. Hey Team 44!

    Love the song. Forrest, I was there when you were practicing with Jason and Nathan. It is so awesome to hear the finished product! Great lyrics about just keep moving forward. We all have those moments when we are in the thick of it and all you can do is just keep moving forward, as you say- just keep walking!

    This issue with the CSF will be resolved, imagine that positive outcome and know that if will be figured out! After over 20 years in the fire department, I had lots of experience with many of my plans and ideas failing, and that is why they are called plans, you change them when they are not the Pebbles say...Work the Lock, Start where you Stand, You can do anything for 5 minutes and then 5 more minutes and then 5 more minutes...just keep walking. We are all here cheering you on and sending you strength and love and warm healing light. I hope you can feel it coming in from all around you, because over the many years you have certainly shone the light out to thousands of people who have been and continue to be inspired by Team 44!
    Rest up tonight because tomorrow is another day for the doctors to get it right !
    Love ya

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  4. Hey Forrest and 44 team!

    I just listened to your song! This is so empowering and inspirational! You are an amazing young man and have shown such courage over the years. I am so proud of you! Ditto on the super bummer about Kansas City :-( but I am SO glad that you will be with us on the big screen! Your story is one that all should hear. Stay strong 44! Prayers sent and coming still!!

  5. Denise Gilliland (Tom's cousin and Liz's mom)November 4, 2015 at 11:18 PM

    What a beautiful song Forrest. Such powerful words that are so uplifting and so inspiring. Our family has 20 core values that we live by and we have them hanging in our home. One of them is "Have courage in the face of adversity" and you are the epitome of courage! We can learn so much from you as we watch you triumph over every obstacle that has come your way and how you handle it all with bravery,optimism, humor, and a zest for life! You are such a beautiful gift from God, and I know your medical team is going to solve this issue so that you can continue living your life and touching others along the way. My prayer group prayed for you last night and they are all thinking of you and will continue to pray. I have been sending them updates. Isn't it amazing how many people are praying for you and they don't even know you, but you certainly have made an impact on them by your story! Stay strong, stay positive, and know that we are all cheering for you! Hugs and kisses from me and Liz! See you soon Forrest!

  6. Love the song.....words and tune and delivery. Well done. And bless you for dealing with this setback so bravely. Many more inspiring opportunities are ahead, but I know this one was special for you. Hooray for multi-media that can keep you part of the show! They will figure out this fluid stuff....I'm sure of it!

  7. Wow, Forrest. Gorgeous song! Keep the faith. You'll be home in no time. Love from the Rabbit Hill gang!����

  8. The song is great, Forrest--you give new meaning to the word, "POSITIVE"

    Hang in there until the docs get this latest bump figured out, as they always do!!

    xoxoxo Jim and Gail

  9. You've come so far, Forrest! With a dazzling smile, no less. I hope that family and friends can help distract you enough to get through the upcoming tests as easily as possible, and that the doctors can swiftly figure out the best plan going forward. And that very soon you'll be home safe and sound, and back to getting on with your life. Will be thinking of you and your family over the next days. x Nadia and Havilland (Bermuda)

  10. Forrest there is no end to your talents! That song is so beautiful and so motivating...just like you! I hope you know that through all you have been through, you have continued to bestow gifts upon all of us who watch you with awe and admiration as you continue to inspire us to keep walking and keep believing. We know that you will overcome this hurdle just as you have all the hurdles to this point. Keep walking...and keep the faith! We love you!
    Love and hugs,
    The Rafferty Family

  11. A very inspirational song from a young man who inspires all who know him!

  12. Hi Forrest,
    I just listened to your song and loved it!!!! It was exactly what I needed to hear with somethings happening in my life. I continue to pray for your health, your family and the medical staff.
    Peace and light sent your way,
    Mrs. Rice (Shayna's mom)

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