Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Thumbs Up" for Weekend Visitors!

Forrest had great visits from Kim Tapper and APTB friends Megan and Abby on Saturday.  He was able to get out of bed and sit in the chair for an hour and a half during the visit!  The pain in his ribs was quite bad at times and the pain medicine makes him drowsy, so he napped occasionally throughout the day.  He and I watched some football together, but some intensely painful episodes made it hard to position him where he could be comfortable.  Finally last night, we got the position and the pain medicine working together and he had a quiet night. 

As we often do, we got a hospital sitter to watch over Forrest last night so Tami (Caregiver Extraordinaire) was able to get some rest. SuperMom got a short but well deserved break to go home to BrightWood to visit with sister Lobie and her husband Clarence.

Forrest's Sunday morning and afternoon visitors were from long time chums, Nick Weeden, Whitney Weeden and Alix Morgan.  Nate Chambers and Maley Coombs came up tonight and had dinner with Forrest.  Maley keeps the farm and the horses organized, and has been helping out extra with Martin and the ManCave fish during Forrest's hospital stay.  It was great to have all of these visitors this weekend and are so thankful for the extra smiles and laughs that they brought to Forrest!  

Tomorrow brings a procedure to surgically place a central line for another 6 to 8 weeks of continuously  administered antibiotics as well as a CT scan to see how the new noggin' is doing.  We are hoping to have Forrest try some walking tomorrow and we will continue adjusting the pain meds as well.  But everyday is another day closer to going home!

Pops of Team 44
Lunch with Abby, Megan and Kim, followed by making turkeys out of hospital gloves to go with the stack of
awesome Thanksgiving pictures created by Forrest's Immersion friends at APTB and delivered by Kim to brighten up the hospital room!
Whitney and Nick
Thumbs up with Alix
Maley and Nate
Enjoying a Skype session with Austin while sitting upright in the chair!


  1. Good morning Team 44. Thank you, as always for keeping us posted. It's so nice to see that great "Forrest" smile at full brilliance! We hope the procedures go well today to get Forrest back to Brightwood asap!!

    All love,

    Jim and Gail

  2. Forrest, you are simply be sitting and smiling through the pain so few days after such extraordinary surgery. You are my hero, dear boy. I had a tumble off my horse last week and have awakened stiff and sore the past few days. Everytime I'm tempted to complain (ok, WHINE!), I think of you and "just keep walkin'" until the advil kicks in. You are half of my 44 reasons to keep moving this week, dear Forrest. Your smile warms my heart and brightens my day. I am praying that the pain you are feeling from those relocated wonderful ribs subdies very soon. I'm praying that your CT scan looks as beautiful on the inside and your goregous noggin looks on the outside. Most of all, I'm praying that you can get back home SOON. On my list of gratitudes this Thanksgiving is your extraordinary recovery. And I am so grateful for the brilliant Dr. Kumar and everyone else on your amazing surgical team who have cared for you and whom you inspire daily. We love you so much, dear Forrest. Eager to see you walking tall on the streets of Middleburg soon....Christmas awaits! Shannon & Jim and the Davis Party of 7 :) XOXO+

  3. Hi Forrest! It's wonderful to watch you progressing so quickly!! Thank all of Team 44 for keeping us all updated on this blog! I know it's got to be hard when you are dead tired to get on the computer and give such glowing updates & add so many great pictures! Hope everything keeps rolling along as it has been, and that your pain will be a little less each day, Forrest. Until next time, Love and Prayers are coming your way!

    Love, Joyce and Wilbur

  4. Hopefully they have figured out your pain management by today and you keep progressing! Thanks for the wonderful updates!!

  5. Lookin' GREAT, Forrest! Your extraordinary power to heal is amazing!!It probably isn't nearly fast enough for you, but the rest of us are in awe! Remember: Slow and steady wins the race; you'll be home before you know it! Big hug (not too hard!!) and bunches of love! xox