Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Post Surgery Update

They are done with Forrest's surgery and Toliver and I are with him in Post-Op.  He is in a bit more pain this time, so he is receiving more pain medication.  Dr. Luciano has confirmed that the valve had flipped over.  He replaced it with a new valve set at the highest setting and sutured it in place so that it remains exactly how they placed it!  They are doing an x-ray now to confirm.  In the best of worlds, we will be home next week.  If this does not significantly resolve the CSF over drainage, there will be more tests and possibly more surgery next week.  Thank you all for the avalanche of prayers and positive energy that will surely carry Forrest out of danger and safely into the light.

God Bless,

Toliver stopped the gurney for special kisses this morning as Forrest was taken to surgery.
They are reunited now in post-op.


  1. Team 44...Thanks for update. So glad they got Forrest in early and found a problem with placement of the valve. We are still sending healing light your way!!! hoping this resolves the CSF problem. Love Tricia

  2. You can conquer anything! No matter how tough, no matter how rough things are! You will soar! We are sure! You are 44!!!!!
    Love, Veronica
    Thinking you and praying for you all. Love, Maite

  3. Thoughts and prayers for amazing Forrest.
    Love, Jim and Gail

  4. Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers!

  5. Hang Tough Forrest. The Redskins need you at full speed!!!

    Scott Giebler

  6. Great news......we're all with you buddy. Family and church are lifting you up.....

  7. Rae, thank you so much for these posts--Oh! We so hope for that best of worlds. Hang in there Forrest, and we'll look forward to seeing you soon. Thoughts, prayers, good vibes are coming 24/7.
    All love, Jim and Gail