Friday, November 6, 2015

Waiting Hoping and Praying

While Tami, Toliver and I keep the faith in a desolate little waiting room, Forrest is undergoing a 2 1/2 HR high resolution MRI tonight.  Searching, searching for a tiny break in the membranes that would allow his CSF to drain away from that precious Noggin each time he sits upright or stands.  

What, no dogs in the MRI room???

 They promise to play reggae for you during your MRI Champ and call me if you need some Tollie kisses. 

While we wait, we reflect on the most recent happenings in 12 East:

Yesterday, Forrest sporting his November no shave scruff, just before Tori visits toting a mound of gear from BrightWood!

Forrest reluctantly agreed with Tom, that to film his Same Sky monologue for Kansas City he needed to be clean-shaven.  Luckily, Tori approves of Forrest's clean shaven look! 

Aunt Lobie and Uncle Clarence came for a visit yesterday just in time to be in the audience for Forrest's recording!  Forrest did it in one take and Tami did a marvelous job recording his monologue. 

Of course we had to celebrate with kisses from Aunt Lobie, Mum & Toliver...
    Farewell Tori hugs...

    And Ne Ne dance moves with Tami! 

So tonight we wait and hope and pray that this MRI finds the problem and we can fix it so you can get out of this hospital bed and keep on Walkin'!  

Tomorrow we envision good news, more wonderful visits from Pops and friends,  and you being one day closer to home. 

With love and high hopes,


  1. Fight on buddy....we're ALL with you. Much love...

  2. Our love and prayers are with you, Forrest, and for special brainpower and insight for your doctors! Poor Del is missing his Forrest work one to entertain him :)